Collective Innovation Processes

Principles and Practices

Volume 4 - Innovation in Engineering and Technology SET Coordinated by Dimitri Uzunidis

Collective Innovation Processes

Edited by

Dimitri Uzunidis

ISBN : 9781786303776

Publication Date : September 2018

Hardcover 234 pp

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In macro-, meso- and micro-economic systems, the concept of innovation involves a variety of resources and functions. It includes all formal and informal institutions, networks and actors that influence innovation and act as innovation boosters within companies, at the territorial level, at the level of innovation networks or in national economies.

“Collective innovation” is understood from the perspective of building innovation capacities and learning processes through intra- and inter-network relations. Innovation collectives (researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial or financial partners, research labs, start-ups, public administration, financial means, innovation networks, consumers and citizens’ associations) strive for the acquisition, development, diffusion and productive use of scientific and technological knowledge.

This book deals with innovation in a globalized context in terms of the entrepreneur, enterprise, territorial and sectoral systems and national systems of innovation in which collective innovation processes are formed.


1. Enterprise Knowledge Capital and Innovation: Definition, Roles and Challenges, Blandine Laperche.
2. The Non-economic Values of Innovation, Edouard Le Maréchal.
3. Long-term Survival of Innovative Organizations, Sophie Mignon.
4. The Resources Potential of the Innovative Entrepreneur, Sophie Boutillier.
5. Innovation Spaces: New Places for Collective Intelligence?, Laure Morel, Laurent Dupont and Marie-Reine Boudarel.
6. The Innovative Territory, Corinne Tanguy.
7. The “Eco-innovative” Milieu: Industrial Ecology and Diversification of Territorial Economy, Fedoua Kasmi.
8. Responsible Innovation, Leïla Temri.
9. Innovation Capacities as a Prerequisite for Forming a National Innovation System, Vanessa Casadella and Dimitri Uzunidis.

About the authors/editors

Dimitri Uzunidis, Professor of political economy, is Honorary President of the Research Network on Innovation (RNI). He coordinates the Smart Innovation and Innovation in Engineering and Technology Sets with ISTE Ltd and Wiley, as well as the Technology and Innovation journal with ISTE OpenScience.