Going Past Limits To Growth

A Report to the Club of Rome EU-Chapter

Going Past Limits To Growth

Patrick Corsi, Consultant

ISBN : 9781786301956

Publication Date : July 2017

Hardcover 240 pp

120.00 USD



Growth is a dominant economic driver accounting for the wealth of nations and organizations alike. However, in the face of environmental pressures, widespread social and economic imbalance, and the reigning climate of uncertainty we are experiencing today, there is now a need for a viable interpretation of what growth really means.

In this book, the author redefines the limits to economic growth and tackles the issues involved in three parts, in order to study a variety of international issues, including the world economic system, climate change and environmental degradation.

Part 1 revisits the dominant designs of the past century regarding growth and how this concept has been understood over time. The author proposes a new way to address the subject which corresponds to the post-modern development of society.

Part 2 deconstructs the notion of growth and paves the way toward a methodology for addressing the “growth problematics”. It proposes a number of blueprints for a widened interpretation of notions such as work, competition and money.

Part 3 introduces a design-based approach for regenerating wealth by expanding these blueprints conceptually. It implements the Concepts–Knowledge design innovation theory from Mines ParisTech that has been applied in industry, economy and administration internationally.


Part 1. A Present-Day Imperative
1. A Present-Day Imperative To Think or Not To Think…
2. Situating Growth in Time–Space.
3. Dominant Thinkings of the Past Century.
4. The Historical Contribution of System Dynamics.
Part 2. A Methodology for Tackling Growth Problematics
5. In Search for New Approaches Fit-For-Purpose.
6. Angling the Core Subject Appropriately.
7. Cracking Open a Growth Concept.
8. Opening Up New Growth Axes.
Part 3. Going Beyond the Notion of GDP
9. New Growth Operational Formulations with Examples.
10. Discussing Work, Labor and Money.
11. Case Study: Growth Through Cooperation, Work, Time and Space.
12. A Society’s New Clothes.
Part 4. Appendices

About the authors/editors

Patrick Corsi is a consultant in breakthrough design innovation processes at CayaK-InnoV. He has worked for IBM Corp., IBM France, SYSECA/THOMSON-CSF, a successful start-up in artificial intelligence in Paris and the European Commission in Brussels. He is an Associate Practitioner with Mines ParisTech.