Innovation and Society

Volume 15 – Smart Innovation SET Coordinated by Dimitri Uzunidis

Innovation and Society

Françoise Cros, National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, Paris, France

ISBN : 9781786302038

Publication Date : February 2018

Hardcover 210 pp

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Innovation, venerated over the past two centuries in Western society, has not always been considered so positively.

This book takes stock of the meanings generated by innovation, in particular by social innovation, clearly distinct from technological innovation. In fact, societal transformations reflect, through social innovation, the responses to novelty: its investment, its values and its impacts.

While social innovation in general has produced many works in the social sciences, innovation specifically at school has not attracted such favor, often being limited to a description of innovative action without generating any theorization or understanding of the relevant issues, processes and instrumentalizations, especially with regard to the policies that guide education systems.

Innovation at school therefore deserves to be considered as an object of attention as such. Through a close analysis of the evolution of the school, this book develops a novel theorization of innovation as it functions in relation to school and society.


1. Innovation in Socio-Historical Context.
2. Innovation in Schools and its Social Forms.
3. Innovation in Schools: Issues for Policy and Governance.

About the authors/editors

Françoise Cros is currently Honorary Professor in Education Sciences at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Paris, France). Her research focuses on innovation at school. She has published about 20 books and more than 50 articles.