Creative Rationality and Innovation

Volume 14 – Smart Innovation SET coordinated by Dimitri Uzunidis

Creative Rationality and Innovation

Joëlle Forest, National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, France

ISBN : 9781786301468

Publication Date : November 2017

Hardcover 188 pp

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The starting point of this book is simple: the increasing number of devices devoted to innovation in France does not produce the expected effects. How then can we go beyond the injunction to innovate and develop a more effective and dynamic capability to face the major challenges of the modern world?

This book urges us to innovate in our way of thinking about innovation. Adopting an artificialistic perspective, the author emphasizes creative rationality: a form of thought that encourages knowledge crossing and invites an adventurous transgression. The question of how such a form of thought might be developed is addressed through a detailed examination of the educational system.

Along the way, this book emancipates itself from many of the myths that surround innovation, including the predominance of what the author calls the linear and hierarchical model.


1. Innovation: What Exactly Are We Talking About ?
2. Thinking about Innovation Differently.
3. Artificialism.
4. Innovating by Implementing Creative Rationality.
5. Creative Rationality and the Education System.

About the authors/editors

Joëlle Forest is a lecturer at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon in France. Her research focuses on the design process and the training of engineers. She is the Scientific Head of the Ingenious Engineers Chair at the Institut Gaston Berger.