ERP and Information Systems

Integration or Disintegration

Volume 5 – Advances in Information Systems SET Coordinated by Camille Rosenthal-Sabroux

ERP and Information Systems

Tarek Samara, Consultant

ISBN : 9781848218963

Publication Date : October 2015

Hardcover 142 pp

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The author explores and identifies possible relationships between the evolution of ERP systems and information systems’ integration or disintegration. The purpose of this book is to discover whether the relationships between the ERP systems and the information systems are guided by certain factors and, as a result, to better understand the factors affecting these relationships. More precisely, this analysis studies whether assigned values given to these factors could guide the evolution of ERP systems in a manner that promotes IS integration; and whether the opposite assigned values to these factors could guide the evolution of ERP systems in a manner that provokes IS disintegration instead.


1. Definition of Research Terms.
2. ERP: Contribution and Trends.
3. The Research Question and Methodology.
4. Literature Review: Factors Affecting the Relationships between the ERP System’s Evolution and IS Integration or Disintegration.
5. Correlation Between Research Factors.
6. Case Studies.
7. Discussion: Relationships between Evolution of ERP Systems and IS Integration or Disintegration.
8. Interests and Limitations of the Research.

About the authors/editors

Tarek Samara, Ph.D., is a senior consultant and manager in management information systems. He has taught at several universities (Sorbonne Paris 1, European Tempus Programme, CNAM Paris, SVU, etc.). He has worked for several consulting firms, companies and banks where he has supervised many IS projects’ management. His research interests cover ERPs, information systems for decision-making, banking and trading sectors.