Insider Threats

Volume 10 – Advances in Information Systems SET Coordinated by Camille Rosenthal-Sabroux

Insider Threats

Pierre-Emmanuel Arduin, Paris-Dauphine University, France

ISBN : 9781848219724

Publication Date : March 2018

Hardcover 164 pp

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Ever since people first began to communicate, they have implemented technologies to support the exchange of information. From the torch network of the Roman army, to the Internet, printing and telegraphy, these technologies led to threats that had to be apprehended to ensure the security of the information transmitted.

The security of information systems is often viewed through a prism that focuses on technologies. But another threat always exists independently of technology. This book aims to change the paradigm and focus on the security of information systems by considering human individuals as components in their own right. They are likely, like any other computer or technology, to constitute an insider threat to the security of the information system.

Drawing on academic literature and real cases, the author presents theoretical models and practical situations, and discusses what can make each of us an insider threat to the security of information systems.


Part 1. Information Systems: Technologies and People
1. Components with Known Purposes: Technologies.
2. Components with Interpretive Aspects: People.

Part 2. The Insider Threat
3. The Three Categories of Insider Threats.
4. Unintentional.
5. Intentional and Non-Malicious.
6. Intentional and Malicious.

About the authors/editors

Pierre-Emmanuel Arduin is Associate Professor at Paris-Dauphine University in France. His research focuses on knowledge management and insider threats to the security of information systems. Director of the Master’s degree Extended Enterprise Information Systems: Audit and Advisory, he is also a consultant to several companies.