Vibration in Continuous Media

Vibration in Continuous Media

Jean-Louis Guyader, INSA, Lyon, France

ISBN : 9781905209279

Publication Date : September 2006

Hardcover 448 pp

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This book is concerned with vibration in continuous elastic solid media and discusses both the physical phenomena and prediction methods. In addition, it offers a synthesis of reference results on vibration in beams and plates. Three aspects are developed in this book: modeling, a description of the phenomena and computation methods. A particular effort has been made to provide a clear understanding of the limits associated with each modeling approach. Examples of applications are used throughout the book to provide a better understanding of the material presented.


1. Vibrations of Continuous Elastic Solid Media.
2. Variational Formulation for Vibrations of Elastic Continuous Media.
3. Equation of Motion for Beams.
4. Equation of Vibration for Plates.
5. Vibratory Phenomena Described by the Wave Equation.
6. Free Bending Vibration of Beams.
7. Bending Vibration of Plates.
8. Introduction to Damping: Example of the Wave Equation.
9. Calculation of Forced Vibrations by Modal Expansion.
10. Calculation of Forced Vibrations by Forced Wave Decomposition.
11. The Rayleigh-Ritz Method Based on Reissner’s Functional.
12. The Rayleigh-Ritz Method Based on Hamilton’s Functional.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Louis Guyader is Professor of Vibration and Acoustics within the Mechanical Engineering Department at INSA, Lyon, France and Director of the Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory. His research covers the acoustic radiation of structures in light or heavy fluids and the energy propagation in vibrating structures and acoustic media.

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