Mechanical and Electromagnetic Vibrations and Waves

Mechanical and Electromagnetic Vibrations and Waves

Tamer Becherrawy, Consultant, France

ISBN : 9781848212831

Publication Date : December 2011

Hardcover 416 pp

177.00 USD



This book deals with vibrations and waves. Its aim is to understand the basic principles and methods of analyzing vibrations and waves.

The vibrations part includes studies of simple harmonic mechanical and electromagnetic vibrations, systems with several degrees of freedom, superposition of vibrations, Fourier analysis and forced vibrations.

The waves part includes a detailed study of propagation in infinite media (one and three-dimensional wave equations, polarization, dispersion, energy, attenuation, Doppler effect). Mechanical (elastic and acoustic) and electromagnetic waves are studied in details. Included also are chapters on reflection and refraction, interference and diffraction, standing waves and guided waves.


1. Free Oscillations.
2. Superposition of Harmonic Oscillations, Fourier Analysis.
3. Forced Oscillations.
4. Propagation in Infinite Media.
5. Mechanical Waves.
6. Electromagnetic Waves.
7. Reflection and Refraction of Waves.
8. Interference and Diffraction.
9. Standing Waves and Guided Waves.
Answers to the Problems.
Appendix A. Mathematical Review
Appendix B. Units in Physics
Appendix C. Some Physical Constants

About the authors/editors

Tamer Becherrawy received the Doctorat 3e Cycle from the University of Paris and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Rochester, New York. He has taught Physics at the Faculty of Science of the Lebanese University in Beirut (Lebanon), the University of Savoy in Chambery, the IUFM and the University of Nancy (France). He was head of the Physics Department at the Lebanese University. He has published a number of research articles on High Energy Particle Physics.

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