Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires for Optical Devices 2

Heterostructures and Optoelectronic Devices

Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires for Optical Devices 2

Edited by

Vincent Consonni, INP-CNRS, Grenoble, France
Guy Feuillet, CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France

ISBN : 9781848216877

Publication Date : July 2014

Hardcover 368 pp

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Over the last ten years, GaN and ZnO nanowires have emerged as potential building blocks for the next generation of optoelectronic devices including LEDs, lasers, UV photodetectors and solar cells. This has led to an increasing number of publications in the field, which now outnumbers 10,000. In view of this wealth of information, this two-volume series is intended to give a detailed status of the research topic dedicated to GaN and ZnO nanowires. In particular, dealing with these two different but closely related semiconductors yields valuable comparisons and benefits the general understanding of this subject, helping promote the development of related optoelectronic applications.
The comprehensive books gather review articles written by pioneering and world-leading scientists at the forefront of basic and applied research, covering all aspects from low-dimensionality effects to optoelectronic devices through to nanowire growth and their related heterostructures.
This second volume is devoted to the formation and characterization of heterostructures made from GaN and ZnO nanowires. It also addresses the advanced fabrication of optoelectronic devices such as LEDs, lasers, UV photodetectors, and solar cells, on the basis of physical properties and growth processes presented in the first volume.
This book is of interest not only to physicists, chemists or materials scientists interested in the topic of one-dimensional nanostructures and their optoelectronic applications, but also to semiconductor scientists already in the field but looking for an extended overview.


Part 1. GaN and ZnO Nanowire Heterostructures
1. AlGaN/GaN Nanowire Heterostructures, Jörg Teubert, Jordi Arbiol and Martin Eickhoff.
2. InGaN Nanowire Heterostructures, Bruno Daudin.
3. ZnO-Based Nanowire Heterostructures, Guy Feuillet and Pierre Ferret.
4. ZnO AND GaN Nanowire-Based Type II Heterostructures,Yong Zhang.
Part 2. Integration of GaN and ZnO Nanowires in Optoelectronic Devices
5. Axial GaN Nanowire-Based LEDs, Qi Wang, Hieu N’guyen, Songrui Zhao and Zetian Mi.
6. Radial GaN Nanowire-Based LEDs, Shunfeng Li.
7.GaN Nanowire-Based Lasers, Xiang Zhou, Jordan Paul Chesin and Silvija Gradeak.
8. GaN Nanowire-Based Ultraviolet Photodetectors, Lorenzo Rigutti and Maria Tchernycheva.
9. ZnO Nanowire-Based LEDs, Magnus Willander and Omer NOUR.
10. ZnO Nanowire-Based Solar Cells, Jason B. Baxter.

About the authors/editors

Vincent Consonni is Associate Research Scientist at CNRS (French Center for National Research) in France. His research has focused on the chemistry and physics of crystal growth and of condensed matter for micro- and nanostructures involving GaN and ZnO nanowires.
Guy Feuillet is Senior Research Scientist at CEA (French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission) in France. He has initiated and coordinated many internal R&D programs (GaN and ZnO nanostructures, X-ray detection, solid state lighting) during his work at CEA. He is a permanent member of the scientific advisory board at CEA/LETI.

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