Strategic Decisions and Weak Signals

Anticipation for Decision-making

Strategic Decisions and Weak Signals

Humbert Lesca, Pierre Mendés-France University, Grenoble, France
Nicolas Lesca, Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France

ISBN : 9781848216099

Publication Date : April 2014

Hardcover 144 pp

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The study of the exploitation of weak signals in organizational strategy is a tricky business, and one which has only been practiced in organizations surprisingly recently. The concepts involved are relatively numerous, and the definitions given for such concepts may well vary from one author to the next. The real-world application of these concepts is rarely touched on in the existing body of literature, and this void is a hindrance to the development of Anticipative Strategic Scanning, in commercial companies and public organizations.

For this reason, this book introduces working methods and computer-based tools to facilitate experimentation and operational implementation. Chapter 1 discusses the concepts and issues surrounding the placement of the subject within the field of Management Science. Chapter 2 presents a state of the art on the topic, gleaned from the publications of academic researchers. Chapter 3 gives a presentation of three operational tools and looks at case-studies for their application.


1. The Subject Within the Field of Management Science: Concepts and Issues.
2. State of the Art: Systems Suggested by Previous Authors.
3. Proposed Systems: Results of Information System Prototyping Research Conducted at the CNRS-CERAG Lab (France).

About the authors/editors

Humbert Lesca is Emeritus Professor at Pierre Mendés-France University, Grenoble, France and director of research at the CERAG-CNRS (center for studies and research applied to management) laboratory.
Nicolas Lesca is Professor at Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France, and director of research at the CERAG-CNRS laboratory.