Knowledge and Ideation

Inventive Knowledge Analysis for Ideation Stimulation

Volume 17 - Innovation and Technology SET by Chantal Ammi

Knowledge and Ideation

Pierre Saulais, Bangkok University, Thailand

ISBN : 9781786303233

Publication Date : April 2023

Hardcover 334 pp

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Our world overwhelms us with more and more data every day. Yet we need to face many challenges in order to deal with its complexity – notably to discern the essential from the accessory, to exploit quality and not quantity, to explore the depth of our knowledge and to produce from it, in a reasoned way, effective ideas to be put into action.

A synthesis of a triple experience in industry, pedagogy and academia, Knowledge and Ideation presents numerous concepts, such as the dematerialized knowledge object, inventive intellectual heritage, inventive potential, and knowledge-based ideation. This book develops and describes applications in the form of case studies while proposing prospects.


Part 1. Inventive Knowledge and Inventive Intellectual Corpus.
1. Nature of Inventive Knowledge.
2. Representation and Analysis of Inventive Knowledge.
3. Knowledge: Bridge between Innovation, Invention and Intellectual Property.
4. Knowledge Capital and Inventive Intellectual Corpus.

Part 2. Knowledge-Based Innovation.
5. Innovation Dynamics and Innovation as a Mode of Innovative Problem Solving.
6. Innovation in Ideation Mode.
7. Implementation of the ICAROS® Method: Case Study.

Part 3. Inventive Activity and Visibility of Inventive Potential.
8. The Inventive Potential of a Company.
9. Managerial Applications.

Part 4. Perspectives.
10. Knowledge Assessment Based on Knowledge.
11. Towards an IKM®: Inventive Knowledge Management.

About the authors/editors

Pierre Saulais is a research associate at the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, Bangkok University, Thailand. His research focuses on knowledge-based innovation, as well as the generation and extraction of inventive knowledge.