Open Innovation Strategies

Volume 39 – Smart Innovation SET by Dimitri Uzunidis

Open Innovation Strategies

Camille Aouinaït, Consultant

ISBN : 9781786307088

Publication Date : October 2022

Hardcover 222 pp

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The main aim of opening up innovation is to optimize the process of creating innovations, while pooling human, financial and material resources. Various profiles of actors are thus brought together to collaborate to achieve common objectives and particular interests.

This book describes the challenges of collaboration in the development of innovations in a context where the sustainability of value chains is central. The diversity of collaborative forms, shared spaces (FabLab, LivingLab, co-working spaces), the intrinsic characteristics of innovation, and the actors actively involved in its emergence are all addressed in this book. The structuring of partners collaborating in innovative projects in specific environments is also discussed. Furthermore, it questions the social responsibility of companies and their innovative role in generating sustainable solutions for stakeholders.


Part 1. Static and Descriptive Innovation.
1. Definition of Open Innovation and Collaborative Innovation.
2. History of the Evolution of Collaboration Between Actors, and Creation of Innovation Networks.

Part 2. Dynamic and Causal Innovation.
3. The Reasons Behind Open Innovation and its Evolution.
4. Advantages, Disadvantages and Issues Related to Collaborative Innovation.

About the authors/editors

Camille Aouinaït has a PhD in economics and innovation management. Her research focuses on open innovation, knowledge transfer and support in the implementation of innovation in agri-food firms and the agricultural ecosystem.