Digitalization of Work

New Spaces and New Working Times

Volume 5 - Technological Changes and Human Resources SET Coordinated by Patrick Gilbert

Digitalization of Work

Edited by

Emilie Vayre, Lumière University of Lyon 2, France

ISBN : 9781786307897

Publication Date : July 2022

Hardcover 230 pp

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Digitalization of Work brings together researchers and international experts whose work and practices are based on a variety of disciplines such as work and organizational psychology, social psychology, ergonomics, communication and information sciences, and management sciences.

This book closely examines the challenges associated with recent or emerging ways of working related to the digitalization of work. It acts as a directory of contributions that enrich recent thought and approaches to the deployment and accompaniment of the ways in which work is organized, including practices and environments likely to gain relevance in coming years (remote working and management, coworking for salaried employees, flexible office spaces, working from home and nomadism).


Part 1. Uses of Technology for Business Purposes: Background and Consequences.
1. “Spillover” Work via Technology: Organizational Antecedents and Health Impacts, Catherine Hellemans and Émilie Vayre.
2. Nomadic, Informal and Mediated Work and Quality of Life, Maëlle Périssé, Anne-Marie Vonthron and Émilie Vayre.
3. Leadership and the Use of Technology: Health Implications, Valentina Dolce, Chiara Ghislieri Monica Molino and Émilie Vayre.

Part 2. Telework: Organizational, Collective and Individual Issues.
4. Telework: What is at Stake for Health, Quality of Life at Work and Management Methods? Émilie Vayre, Julie Devif, Thibault Gachet-Mauroz and Christine Morin-Messabel.
5. Telework in Lockdown: The Employee Perspective, Anne-Sophie Maillot, Thierry Meyer, Sophie Prunier-Poulmaire and Émilie Vayre.
6. (Re)creating the Inhabited Workspace: Rematerialization Practices of Remote Work, Claire Estagnasié, Claudine Bonneau, Consuelo Vasquez and Émilie Vayre.

Part 3. The Flex Office and Coworking: Conditions of Appropriation and Psychosocial Impacts.
7. The Flex Office: What are the Challenges for Organizations and Users?, Nicolas Cochard and Delphine Minchella.
8. Working in a Coworking Space: What are the Psychosocial Issues?, Julie Devif, Christine Morin-Messabel, Lydia Martin and Émilie Vayre.

About the authors/editors

Emilie Vayre is a professor in work and organizational psychology at the Lumière University of Lyon 2, France. Her research focuses on the psycho-social implications of the digitalization of work.