Performance of Valuation Methods in Financial Transactions

Volume 4 - Modern Finance, Management Innovation and Economic Growth SET Coordinated by Faten Ben Bouheni

Performance of Valuation Methods in Financial Transactions

David Heller, ISC, France

ISBN : 9781786306364

Publication Date : June 2021

Hardcover 206 pp

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Financial operations depend on potential value creation, the nature of the shareholder base, the level of development of the company and its growth prospects. They result from different commercial and financial strategies that must integrate the interest of the capital holders, the influence and strategy of the group in the initiative and the structure of the offer.

This book examines how, in practice, a company’s capital is structured, taking into account the interests of various stakeholders. The performance of valuation methods, which serve investors in their decision-making and financial arrangements, is developed in detail. Depending on the contexts present in the control market, the methods of stock market and transactional comparables, discounted cash flows and the patrimonial approach, will be favored to assess the value of a company’s shares.

Performance of Valuation Methods in Financial Transactions is an in-depth analysis of equity transactions and is aimed at students and corporate finance professionals.


1. Traditional Valuation Methods and Ways of Applying Them.
2. The Performance of the Assessment and the Creation of Value from Control Operations.

About the authors/editors

David Heller is a lecturer in finance and leads the masters in finance at the ISC in Paris, France.