Emotions and Values in Equity Crowdfunding Investment Choices 2

Modeling and Empirical Study

Emotions and Values in Equity Crowdfunding Investment Choices 2

Christian Goglin, CREGO Laboratory - University of Burgundy – France

ISBN : 9781786306340

Publication Date : March 2021

Hardcover 364 pp

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Equity crowdfunding is a new way for seed stage start-ups to generate initial capital and, as such, raises questions around the choices made by investors within this area. Understanding it is important for investor protection, as investors are generally unaware of the factors that can influence their decisions.

However, investing in equity crowdfunding places the investor in a unique decision-making framework, in which resources such as images, videos and storytelling are all mobilized by entrepreneurs and platforms as tools of persuasion. This context thus seems to favor more holistic and emotional decision-making, rather than a process that is rational and analytical.

Volume 1 presents a transdisciplinary theoretical analysis, combining different fields within the social sciences, primarily finance, marketing and psychology. In this second volume, an explanatory model is developed on the basis of this theoretical framework, which is then empirically tested using data from laboratory experiments. This book also proposes the original theory of “emotional matching”, which is both justified and substantiated. It personalizes behavior and offers a new perspective based on project characteristics and investor preferences.


1. Modeling: The Explanatory Model and the Individual Predictive Model.
2. Experimentation.
3. Hypotheses Testing, Results and Discussion.

About the authors/editors

Christian Goglin is a Doctor of Management Sciences and a research associate at the CREGO Laboratory, part of the University of Burgundy – France-Comté, France. His research and academic publications focus on behavioral finance and finance-related investor choice.