Sustainable Management for Managers and Engineers

Sustainable Management for Managers and Engineers

Edited by

Carolina Machado, University of Minho, Portugal
J. Paulo Davim, University of Aveiro, Portugal

ISBN : 9781786304391

Publication Date : March 2021

Hardcover 294 pp

165.00 USD



In a competitive and complex world, where requirements from different fields are ever-growing, organizations need to be responsible for their actions in their respective markets.

However, this responsibility must not be deemed one-time-only but instead should be seen as a continuous process, under which organizations ought to effectively use the different resources to allow them to meet the present and future requirements of their stakeholders. Having a significant influence on their collaborators’ performance, the role developed by managers and engineers is highly relevant to the sustainability of an organization’s success.

Conscious of this reality, this book contributes to the exchange of experiences and perspectives on the state of research related to sustainable management. Particular focus is given to the role that needs to be developed by managers and engineers, as well as to the future direction of this field of research.


1. Choice Architecture: Nudging for Sustainable Behavior, Christina Cerqueira Leal and Benilde Oliveira.
2. Embedding Corporate Sustainability in Human Resource Management Practice, David Starr-Glass.
3. Competency Cultivation of Mechanical Engineers in the Process of Social Sustainable Development, Hailong Fu, Yue Wang, Marius Gabriel Petrescu and Mirela Panait.
4. Essentials of Sustainability: A Roadmap for Businesses, Yasemin Sen.
5. Styles of Leadership and Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility, Adriano Toledo Pereira, Maria João Santos and Dimas de Oliveira Estevam.
6. Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: Background, Evolution and Sustainability Promoter, Marian Cátálin Voica and Andrian Stancu.
7. Integrated Management Systems Under the Banner of Sustainable Development: Risks and Opportunities, Marius Gabriel Petrescu, Mirela Panait and Hailong Fu.
8. Mentoring... Really? And Why Not?, Bruna Rocha, João Leite Ribeiro and Delfina Gomes.
9. Stop Camouflaging it in Green: Do Not Confuse Corporate Social Responsibility with Sustainable Management, Diana Fernandes and Carolina Feliciana Machado.

About the authors/editors

Carolina Machado is Associate Professor at the University of Minho, Portugal, Head of the Department of Management and Head of the Human Resources Work Group. Her research interests include human resource management, training and development, emotional intelligence, management change, knowledge management and management/HRM in the digital age.

J. Paulo Davim is Full Professor at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, and a Fellow (FIET) of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK. His research interests include manufacturing, materials and mechanical and industrial engineering, management, engineering education and higher education for sustainability.