Quantifying Human Resources

Uses and Analyses

Volume 2 - Technological Changes and Human Resources SET Coordinated by Patrick Gilbert

Quantifying Human Resources

Clotilde Coron, IAE Paris – Sorbonne Business School, France

ISBN : 9781786304469

Publication Date : April 2020

Hardcover 238 pp

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Since the late 20th Century, Human Resources (HR) has had a legal obligation to produce reports for management in most firms. However, these have long been considered restrictive and are seldom used to improve decision-making. More recently, the emergence of analytics, Big Data and algorithms has enabled a reconfiguration of the uses of quantification in HR.

Accompanied by empirical examples, this book presents and defines the different tools and uses of quantification in HR. It studies the effect of these tools on decision-making and – without subscribing to the myth of objective and rational quantification – presents the contributions and limits of the use of data in HR, and analyzes the potential risks of excessive quantification. It also discusses the appropriation of these tools by the various players in a company and examines their effects on the position of HR.


1. The Human and Social Sciences in the Face of Technological Change.
2. Technological Change and Society.
3. Technological Change and Organization.
4. Technological Change and the Individual.
5. Experiencing Technological Change.

About the authors/editors

Clotilde Coron is an Associate Professor at the IAE Paris – Sorbonne Business School, France, where she co-directs the Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility Master’s degree. Her research focuses on the use of figures and data in Human Resources.