Energy Transfers by Convection

Volume 3 – Energy Engineering SET Coordinated by Abdelhanine Benallou

Energy Transfers by Convection

Abdelhanine Benallou, Consultant

ISBN : 9781786302762

Publication Date : January 2019

Hardcover 426 pp

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Whether in a solar thermal power plant or at the heart of a nuclear reactor, convection is an important mode of energy transfer. This mode is unique; it obeys specific rules and correlations that constitute one of the bases of equipment-sizing equations.

In addition to standard aspects of convention, this book examines transfers at very high temperatures where, in order to ensure the efficient transfer of energy for industrial applications, it is becoming necessary to use particular heat carriers, such as molten salts, liquid metals or nanofluids. With modern technologies, these situations are becoming more frequent, requiring appropriate consideration in design calculations.

Energy Transfers by Convection also studies the sizing of electronic heat sinks used to ensure the dissipation of heat and thus the optimal operation of circuit boards used in telecommunications, audio equipment, avionics and computers.


1. Methods for Determining Convection Heat Transfer Coefficients.
2. Forced Convection inside Cylindrical Pipes.
3. Forced Convection inside Non-cylindrical Pipes.
4. Forced Convection outside Pipes or around Objects.
5. Natural Convection Heat Transfer.
6. Convection in Nanofluids, Liquid Metals and Molten Salts.
7. Exercises and Solutions.

About the authors/editors

Abdelhanine Benallou, Professor of higher education for more than 30 years, has led companies in the fields of renewable energy, the rational use of energy, decentralized rural electrification and environmental protection.

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