Energy and Mass Transfers

Balance Sheet Approach and Basic Concepts

Volume 1 – Energy Engineering SET Coordinated by Abdelhanine Benallou

Energy and Mass Transfers

Abdelhanine Benallou, Consultant

ISBN : 9781786302748

Publication Date : June 2018

Hardcover 356 pp

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Since the dawn of time, humanity has learned to tame energy to be able to meet primary needs and to make tools. But modern times have imposed new challenges, created new needs and introduced new constraints.

More than ever, humans are facing an important challenge: that of wisely using our energy resources, including renewables, and doing so without compromising the livable environment. This cannot be accomplished without a return to the basic principles that govern energy and matter transfers, in order to understand and optimize these phenomena.

It is from this perspective that Energy and Mass Transfers examines the mechanisms that control the transfer of matter and energy and the equations that govern them. This book presents the possible practical applications of these equations through concrete examples and, in some cases, the resulting economic calculations.


1. Basic Concepts and Balances.
2. Mechanisms and Laws of Heat Transfer.
3. Mass Transfer Mechanisms and Processes.
4. Dimensional Analysis.

About the authors/editors

Abdelhanine Benallou, Professor of higher education for more than 30 years, has led companies in the fields of renewable energy, the rational use of energy, decentralized rural electrification and environmental protection.

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