Nonlinear Electronics 1

Nonlinear Dipoles, Harmonic Oscillators and Switching Circuits

Nonlinear Electronics 1

Brahim Haraoubia, École supérieure de technologie, Algiers, Algeria

ISBN : 9781785483004

Publication Date : November 2018

Hardcover 360 pp

150.00 USD



This book uses a gradual approach and an innovative pedagogy that has proved its worth in aiding the assimilation and understanding of complex phenomena related to nonlinear electronics.

The book is composed of six chapters, consolidated by exercises with solutions. Each solution is presented in a detailed manner in order to allow the reader to judge the possibilities of acquisition and mastery of the phenomena presented. The chapters themselves are each organized such that they deal with simple phenomena first, before the difficulty gradually increases.

Chapter 1 deals with the issue of nonlinear dipoles and, more specifically, the diode and all possible applications that result. Low- and high-frequency harmonic oscillators are discussed in Chapters 2 and 3, respectively. To start with, a linear theoretical approach is used to examine the production of an oscillation in order to provide the basic elements necessary for understanding complex phenomena. The nonlinear aspect of oscillators is handled in Chapter 4. The commutation circuits treated in Chapter 5 are introductory elements which will aid the reader as they tackle the sixth and final chapter, which relates to astable multivibrators.


1. Nonlinear Two-terminal Devices.
2. Low-frequency Oscillators.
3. High-frequency Oscillators.
4. Oscillator as a Nonlinear Device.
5. Circuits in Switching Mode.
6. Astable Multivibrators.

About the authors/editors

Brahim Haraoubia is Full Professor at the École supérieure de technologie and Associate Professor at the École supérieure de la défense aérienne du territoire, Algiers, Algeria. He has also been a visiting Professor at the University of Rennes, France. He is the author of several publications, patents and academic books published in the field of research and pedagogy.

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