Innovation, Research and Development Management

Innovation, Research and Development Management

Patrick Gilbert, IAE Paris - Sorbonne Business School, France
Natalia Bobadilla, University of Rouen Normandy, France
Lise Gastaldi, Institute of Labor Economics and Industrial Sociology, France
Martine Le Boulaire, Cercle Innovation Management Expertise, France
Olga Lelebina, ISG International Business School, France

ISBN : 9781786303004

Publication Date : August 2018

Hardcover 230 pp

135.00 USD



In today's business world, where companies constantly seek to grow and develop by optimizing their potential for innovation and creativity, it is essential to understand the critical issues and management practices in R&D.

This book proposes a critical reassessment of the state of the art and concepts of R&D management. The analyses and reflections expressed are those of researchers and professionals who are specialists in the field, based on empirical studies in national and international companies.

The book’s analysis of R&D management is based on a systemic approach, taking into account external environmental changes, new competitive strategies and internal structural changes, tied in with the transformation of innovation processes and new ways of overseeing individuals and teams.


1. R&D and New Competitive Challenges: Between Intensive Innovation Strategy and Internationalization.
2. Work in R&D and its Transformations.
3. Rationalization and Creativity: R&D under Pressure.
4. Managing R&D Professionals: HRM Practices and Current Challenges.
5. Collective Expertise: Forms and Methods of Management..
6. Performance Management in R&D.

About the authors/editors

Patrick Gilbert is Professor Emeritus at IAE Paris (Sorbonne Business School), France, and Research Director at the Mutations Anticipations Innovations Chair. He chairs the scientific committee of Cercle Innovation Management Expertise (CIME).

Natalia Bobadilla is a senior lecturer in human resource management and strategy at the University of Rouen Normandy, France. Her research focuses on organizational and urban change, restructuring, creativity and R&D management. She is co-founder of CIME.

Lise Gastaldi is a senior lecturer in management sciences at Aix-Marseille University (AMU), Faculty of Economics and Management, and a researcher at the Institute of Labor Economics and Industrial Sociology (LEST, UMR AMU-CNRS), France.

Martine Le Boulaire is a management consultant and is the founder and General Secretary of CIME.

Olga Lelebina is Professor at ISG International Business School, France. Her research focuses on the management of expertise and experts within technology companies. She is co-founder of CIME.