Digital Organizations Manufacturing

Scripts, Performativity and Semiopolitics

Volume 5 – Intellectual Technologies SET Coordinated by Jean-Max Noyer and Maryse Carmès

Digital Organizations Manufacturing

Maryse Carmès, Dicen-IDF Laboratory, France

ISBN : 9781848219076

Publication Date : June 2018

Hardcover 318 pp

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What are the assemblages in which organizational digital policies are produced? Beyond the managerial slogans and watchwords, what is the concrete organization of digital practices and devices (information systems, intranets, corporate social networks, open data...)? What are the roles of human and non-human actors? Is it possible to design a new approach to understanding the re-compositions in progress and the rise in power within organizations of data management and “analytics”? What survey methods should be mobilized?

This book describes the establishment of organizational digital policies, the development of strategic models and socio-technical apparatuses, and the evolution and management of employee practices within the fabric of organizations. By articulating the perspective of assemblages (Deleuze, Guattari) and the contributions of Actor Network Theory (Callon, Latour), the book examines the dynamics of formatting and designing organizational scripts, performance processes, the actions of digital interfaces and the foundations of semiopolitics.

Based on several ethnographic studies, this book presents both a description of the processes of elaboration of these policies – the organization as it is created, experienced and asserted – as well as a general reflection on the methods and research to study these processes.


1. Manufacturing the Organization, Manufacturing Scripts.
2. Performation: Out of Bounds (and Beyond Language).
3. Monitoring Assemblages and their Semiopolitics in Action.

About the authors/editors

Maryse Carmès is a lecturer at the National Conservatory of Arts & Crafts and a researcher at the Dicen-IDF laboratory. She holds a doctorate in information and communication sciences and is co-founder of the Grico network