City Logistics 3

Towards Sustainable and Liveable Cities

City Logistics 3

Eiichi Taniguchi, Kyoto University, Japan
Russell G. Thompson, University of Melbourne, Australia

ISBN : 9781786302076

Publication Date : May 2018

Hardcover 400 pp

165.00 USD



This is the third of a three-volume series of books describing the new opportunities and challenges of city logistics, based on papers presented at the Tenth International Conference on City Logistics, 14–16 June 2017, Phuket, Thailand.

City logistics aims to balance economic growth, better environmental practices and safer communities associated with urban freight transport. To achieve these goals, a number of smart solutions using ICT (Information and Communication Technology), ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and the IoT (Internet of Things) are presented and discussed in this book. Recent advances in modeling, planning and evaluating city logistics initiatives are also outlined.

Collaboration with public authorities, private sectors and residents is a key issue and organizational and operational points are discussed based on experience in practice. A number of case studies on city logistics in many cities throughout the world are presented and analyses on their successes and problems are described.

This book will encourage researchers, as well as practitioners who are interested in city logistics, to investigate complicated problems relating to urban freight transport in order to find improved solutions for more sustainable and liveable cities.


1. Integrating Direct and Reverse Logistics in a “Living Lab” Context: Evaluating Stakeholder Acceptability and the Potential of Gamification to Foster Sustainable Urban Freight Transport,
Valerio Gatta, Edoardo Marcucci, Michela Le Pira and Andrea Ciccorelli.
2. Optimizing the Establishment of a Central City Transshipment Facility to Ameliorate Last-Mile Delivery: a Case Study in Melbourne CBD,
Khalid Aljohani and Russell G. Thompson.
3. Simulation of a City Logistics Solution for Montreal,
Marguerite Simo, Teodor Gabriel Crainic and Yvon Bigras.
4. Simulation Applied to Urban Logistics: A State of the Art,
Sarra Jlassi, Simon Tamayo and Arthur Gaudron.
5. Can the Crowd Deliver Analysis of Crowd Logistics’ Types and Stakeholder Support,
Heleen Buldeo Rai, Sara Verlinde, Jan Merckx and Cathy Macharis.
6. Preliminary Investigation of a Crowdsourced Package Delivery System: A Case Study,
Sudheer Ballare and Jane Lin.
7. Concepts of an Integrated Platform for Innovative City Logistics with Urban Consolidation Centers and Transshipment Points,
Eiichi Taniguchi, Rémy Dupas, Jean-Christophe Deschamps and Ali Gul Qureshi.
8. E-Consumers and Their Perception of Automated Parcel Stations,
Sara Verlinde, César Rojas, Heleen Buldeo Rai, Bram Kin and Cathy Macharis.
9. Loading/Unloading Space Location and Evaluation: An Approach through Real Data,
Simon Tamayo, Arthur Gaudron and Arnaud De La Fortelle.
10. Understanding Road Freight Movements in Melbourne,
Loshaka Perera, Russell G. Thompson and Yiqun Chen.
11. High-Resolution Last-Mile Network Design,
Daniel Merchán and Matthias Winkenbach.
12. Cooperative Models for Addressing Urban Freight Challenges: The NOVELOG and U-TURN Approaches,
Maria Rodrigues, Eleni Zampou, Vasilis Zeimpekis, Alexander Stathacopoulos, Tharsis Teoh and Georgia Ayfantopoulou.
13. The Capacity of Indonesian Logistics Service Providers in Information and Communication Technology Adoption,
Kuncoro Harto Widodo, Joewono Soemardjito and Yandra Rahardian Perdana.
14. An Explorative Approach to Freight Trip Attraction in an Industrial Urban Area,
Elise Caspersen.
15. Choice of Using Distribution Centers in the Container Import Chain: a Hybrid Model Correcting for Missing Information,
Elnaz Irannezhad, Carlo G. Prato and Mark Hickman.
16. Applying Gamification to Freight Surveys: Understanding Singapore Truck Drivers’ Preferences,
Fangping Lu and Lynette Cheah.
17. Urban Distribution of Craft-Brewed Beer in the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Area,
Renata Lúcia Magalhaes De Oliveira, Patrick Mendes Dos Santos, Jonathan Reith, Julia Almeida Costa and Leise Kelli De Oliveira.
18. Issues and Challenges in Urban Logistics Planning in Indonesia,
Kuncoro Harto Widodo, Danang Parikesit, Hengki Purwoto, Joewono Soemardjito and Eriadi.
19. From City Logistics Theories to City Logistics Planning,
Francesco Russo and Antonio Comi.
20. Strategies to Improve Urban Freight Logistics in Historical Centers: the Cases of Lisbon and Mexico City,
Juan Pablo Antún, Vasco Reis and Rosário Macário.

About the authors/editors

Eiichi Taniguchi is Professor Emeritus in Transport and Logistics at Kyoto University, Japan.
Russell G. Thompson is Associate Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne, Australia.