City Logistics 1

New Opportunities and Challenges

City Logistics 1

Edited by

Eiichi Taniguchi, Kyoto University, Japan
Russell G. Thompson, University of Melbourne, Australia

ISBN : 9781786302052

Publication Date : May 2018

Hardcover 432 pp

165.00 USD



This is the first of a three-volume series of books describing the new opportunities and challenges of city logistics, based on papers presented at the Tenth International Conference on City Logistics, 14–16 June 2017, Phuket, Thailand.

City logistics aims to balance economic growth, better environmental practices and safer communities associated with urban freight transport. To achieve these goals, a number of smart solutions using ICT (Information and Communication Technology), ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and the IoT (Internet of Things) are presented and discussed in this book. Recent advances in modeling, planning and evaluating city logistics initiatives are also outlined.

Collaboration with public authorities, private sectors and residents is a key issue and organizational and operational points are discussed based on experience in practice. A number of case studies on city logistics in many cities throughout the world are presented and analyses on their successes and problems are described.

This book will encourage researchers, as well as practitioners who are interested in city logistics, to investigate complicated problems relating to urban freight transport in order to find improved solutions for more sustainable and liveable cities.


1. Recent Developments and Prospects for Modeling City Logistics,
Eiichi Taniguchi, Russell G. Thompson and Ali Gul Qureshi.
2. Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) in Urban Areas, Revisited,
Johan Visser, Julian Allen, Michael Browne, José Holguín-Veras and Juvena Ng.
3. Importance and Potential Applications of Freight and Service Activity Models,
José Holguin-Veras, Shama Campbell, Carlos A. González-Calderón, Diana Ramírez-Ríos, Lokesh Kalahasthi, Felipe Aros-Vera, Michael Browne and Ivan Sanchez-Diaz.
4. Toward Sustainable Urban Distribution Using City Canals: The Case of Amsterdam,
J.H.R. Van Duin, L.J. Kortmann and M. Van De Kamp.
5. Effects of Land Use Policies on Local Conditions for Truck Deliveries,
Kazuya Kawamura and Martin Menninger.
6. Investigating the Benefits of Shipper-driven Collaboration in Urban Freight Transport and the Effects of Various Gain-sharing Methods,
Milena Janjevic, Ahmed Al Farisi, Alexis Nsamzinshuti and Alassane Ndiaye.
7. The Future of City Logistics – Trends and Developments Leading toward a Smart and Zero-Emission System,
Hans Quak, Robert Kok and Eelco Den Boer.
8. A 2050 Vision for Energy-efficient and CO2-free Urban Logistics,
Martin Ruesch, Simon Bohne, Thomas Schmid, Philipp Hegi, Ueli Haefeli, Tobias Arnold and Tobias Fumasoli.
9. Assessing the Impact of a Low Emission Zone on Freight Transport Emission,
Christophe Rizet.
10. Long-Term Effects of Innovative City Logistics Measures,
Tariq Van Rooijen, Don Guikink and Hans Quak.
11. Classification of Last-Mile Delivery Models for e-Commerce Distribution: A Global Perspective,
Matthias Winkenbach and Milena Janjevic.
12. City Logistics with Collaborative Centers,
Serban Raicu, Raluca Raicu, Dorinela Costescu and Mihaela Popa.
13. Exploring Criteria for Tendering for Sustainable Urban Construction Logistics,
Susanne Balm and Walther Ploos Van Amstel.
14. Observing Interactions Between Urban Freight Transport Actors: Studying the Construction of Public Policies,
Mathieu Gardrat.
15. Viewpoint of Industries, Retailers and Carriers about Urban Freight Transport: Solutions, Challenges and Practices in Brazil,
Leise Kelli De Oliveira, Paulo Renato De Sousa, Paulo Tarso Vilela De Resende, Rafael Barroso De Oliveira and Renata Lúcia Magalha?es De Oliveira.
16. Municipal Co-distribution of Goods: Business Models, Stakeholders and Driving Forces for Change,
Olof Moen.
17. Optimizing Courier Routes in Central Business Districts, Russell G. Thompson,
Lele Zhang and Michael Stokoe.
18. A Vehicle Routing Model Considering the Environment and Safety in the Vicinity of Sensitive Urban Facilities,
Ali Gul Qureshi, Eiichi Taniguchi and Go Iwase.
19. Remote Assessment Sensor Routing: An Application for Waste Management,
Mehdi Nourinejad, Nico Malfara, Matthew J. Roorda.
20. Can Routing Systems Surpass the Routing Knowledge of an Experienced Driver in Urban Deliveries?,
Jacques Leonardi and Tadashi Yamada.

About the authors/editors

Eiichi Taniguchi is Professor Emeritus in Transport and Logistics at Kyoto University, Japan.
Russell G. Thompson is Associate Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne, Australia.