Analog Automation and Digital Feedback Control Techniques

Analog Automation and Digital Feedback Control Techniques

Jean Mbihi, University of Douala, Cameroon

ISBN : 9781786302489

Publication Date : March 2018

Hardcover 254 pp

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This book is a didactic guide which offers the reader an in-depth understanding of analog automation, as well as the opportunity to quickly learn about the computer-aided feedback control of dynamic processes.

It allows readers to reinforce their skills in analog automation and better understand the world of computer-aided digital feedback controllers by focusing on the relevance of computer-aided digital feedback control technology and on the experimental modeling of dynamic processes. The book also studies computer-aided synthesis and simulation techniques for block diagrams of discrete feedback control loops, as well as modern rapid design tools for optimal PID controllers. Finally, methods for the discretization of dynamic processes are presented.

Didactic Matlab® programs can also be found in this book, which allow the reader to reproduce the numerical and graphical results presented throughout, as well as corrected exercises at the end of each chapter to facilitate understanding.


Part 1. Analog Feedback Control Systems
1. Models of Dynamic Processes.
2. Experimental Modeling Approach of Dynamic Processes.
3. Review of Analog Feedback Control Systems.

Part 2. Synthesis and Computer-aided Simulation of Digital Feedback Control Systems
4. Synthesis of Digital Feedback Control Systems in the Frequency Domain.
5. Computer-aided Simulation of Digital Feedback Control Systems.
6. Discrete State Models of Dynamic Processes.

Appendix 1. Table of Z-transforms.
Appendix 2. Matlab® Elements Used in This Book.

About the authors/editors

Jean Mbihi has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada), and is Professor and researcher in automation and computer science engineering at ENSET (University of Douala, Cameroon).