SME Internationalization Strategies

Innovation to Conquer New Markets

SME Internationalization Strategies

Noémie Dominguez, IAE Lyon, France

ISBN : 9781786301536

Publication Date : March 2018

Hardcover 360 pp

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A vector of opportunities and threats, the international market is a real challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Gateway strategies – the process of setting up in one country in order to re-export to neighboring third-party markets – can facilitate access to new markets while limiting resource commitment and exposure to risk. They represent a new form of internationalization that allows SMEs to value their assets in mature and emerging countries, but also to accelerate their growth and position themselves in markets with high growth potential while limiting their exposure to local risks.

This book focuses on new strategies for the internationalization of SMEs and gateway strategies in particular. Based on the study of five French manufacturing SMEs which have created subsidiaries abroad, it presents the motivations, the stages of deployment and also the results and pitfalls encountered during the process.


Part 1. Internationalization of SMEs, Location Choice and Gateway Strategies: A Literature Review
1. SME Internationalization Strategies.
2. SME Localization Strategies.

Part 2. Research Methodology and Presentation of the Empirical Study
3. Epistemology and Research Methodology.
4. The Internationalization of Five SMEs.

Part 3. Deployment of Gateway Strategies: Motivations, Policies and Problems
5. Motivations for Implementing Gateway Strategies.
6. The Implementation of Gateway Strategies.

About the authors/editors

Noémie Dominguez is Associate Professor at IAE Lyon (Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University) in France and teaches International and Strategic Management. Her research focuses on SME internationalization strategies and international entrepreneurship.