Collective Intelligence Development in Business

Collective Intelligence Development in Business

Patricia Bouvard and Hervé Suzanne, Horizon Performance Conseil

ISBN : 9781848219816

Publication Date : November 2016

Hardcover 364 pp

140 USD



Diversity in business has always been a source of both benefits and challenges: “This person definitely has some good ideas, but I cannot work with them – they never see things in the same way!”.

Evidently, the expression of egos and of individual differences within a company can provoke a number of counter-productive issues, in a world where flexibility and efficiency are essential to performance. In the face of these issues, this book conducts an in-depth analysis of the factors that create or destroy Collective Intelligence in business. Essential knowledge and specific techniques are presented, enabling readers to gain a true understanding of “relational science” and thus to optimize their collective efficiency within their team and their company. The quality of synchronization, expression and cohesion within a team, skills which far surpass their simple juxtaposition, is vital to its success. Collective Intelligence is both a challenge to accept, and a subject to be discovered.


1. Relevance and Foundations of Collective Intelligence.
2. People: The Heart of the Collective Intelligence Development Process.
3. Developing Collective Intelligence: Understanding People and Diversity.
4. What is Leadership? A Note on Works about Leadership and a Tentative Definition of Leadership.
5. Postures and Roles of a Leader to Develop Collective Intelligence.
6. The Skills of a Leader in the Service of Collective Intelligence.

About the authors/editors

Patricia Bouvard and Hervé Suzanne, coaches and consultants, are both Associate Directors and Co-creators of Horizon Performance Conseil, a training company specialized in the development of Collective Intelligence within companies. At present, their works are mainly focused on topics of influence and authenticity, in particular through a deeper knowledge of the various types of personality and their needs.