Enzymes and Drugs

Enzymes and Drugs

Serge Kirkiacharian, CNRS, France.
Julien Dumond.

ISBN : 9781786309396

Publication Date : July 2024

Hardcover 222 pp

165.00 USD



Enzyme dysfunction, an essential catalyst for the smooth running of biochemical reactions and the maintenance of vital processes, is at the root of many pathologies that have paved the way for the development of numerous drugs.

Aimed at pharmacists, biologists, biochemists, doctors, veterinarians, medicinal chemists and students from a wide range of disciplines, Enzymes and Drugs brings together, for the first time, extensive documentation highlighting the relationships between a large number of drugs and enzymes. The book also highlights new prospects for therapeutic discoveries offered by enzyme targeting.

Numerous applications have been developed thanks to strategies for studying enzyme inhibition or activation, as well as the development of allosteric effectors, presented with their advantages and disadvantages. Various rare diseases, known as “orphan” diseases, have resulted from enzyme deficiency or absence. For their treatment, the introduction of substitute enzymes has led to major therapeutic advances.


1. Enzyme Kinetics, Inhibition and Activation.
2. Targeted Viral and Microbial Enzymes.
3. Targeted Human Enzymes.
4. What are the New Targets?
5. Which “New” Drugs are We Moving Towards Now?

About the authors/editors

Serge Kirkiacharian holds a doctorate in physical sciences. He is a pharmacist, professor emeritus of therapeutic chemistry, hospital practitioner and honorary head of department at Paris Hospitals. His work at the CNRS, France, and in academia focuses on the development of bioactive molecules and natural products. He has also won multiple awards for his work.

Julien Dumond holds a doctorate in virology and enzymology. As a team leader in pharmaceutical companies and a professor of biology and bioengineering, his research focuses on the development of enzymatic assays of pharmaceutical interest, as well as premarketing studies for drugs.

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