Popularizing Science

The Complex Terminological Interactions between Scientific and Press Discourses within the Field of Agroecology

Volume 2 - Communication, Environment, Science and Society SET by Andrea Catellani and Céline Pascual Espuny

Popularizing Science

Hélène Ledouble, University of Toulon, France.

ISBN : 9781786307125

Publication Date : July 2024

Hardcover 228 pp

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Media coverage of scientific issues is a highly complex process. It involves making a specialized field accessible to the general public, without necessarily disseminating the associated scientific terms or knowledge.

The terminological interactions between press discourses and scientific knowledge are presented within the field of agroecology. The analysis of textual data focuses on articles in the general press in French and English, devoted to plant protection practices using natural mechanisms (biological control).

This book provides a terminological and cognitive overview of the issues involved in popularizing science in a rapidly expanding field, and of the challenges to be met in the constantly evolving environmental communication sector.


Part 1. The Challenge of Popularizing Science.
1. The Dialogue Between Science and Society.
2. Discourses on Science.
3. Theoretical and Methodological Tools for Analysis.

Part 2. Science in the Media: Agroecology in the Daily Press.
4. An Introduction to Agroecology.
5. Names and Designations of Discourse Objects.
6. Characterization of Discourse Objects.

Part 3. Challenges in the Mediation of Agroecological Issues.
7. Terminological and Cognitive Issues.
8. Challenges in Agroecology.

About the authors/editors

Hélène Ledouble is an associate professor at the University of Toulon, France. She works in applied linguistics and textual data analysis, and is particularly interested in popular science discourse on environmental issues.