Linking with Nature in the Digital Age

Volume 1 - Communication, Environment, Science and Society SET by Andrea Catellani and Céline Pascal Espuny

Linking with Nature in the Digital Age

Edited by

Émilie Kohlmann, University of Grenoble Alpes, France.

ISBN : 9781786308580

Publication Date : May 2024

Hardcover 252 pp

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The use of digital technology in our societies is growing to meet the ever-increasing challenges of data collection, raising awareness, education and understanding nature. Artificial intelligence, for example, appears to be the answer to collecting massive amounts of data on biodiversity at a global scale and facilitating citizen participation in such data collection.

Linking with Nature in the Digital Age explores the reconfiguration of our relationship with nature within this digital framework. This book examines this mediated linking from three angles. Firstly, it shows how digital technology can foster the development of links to nature. Then, it describes in greater detail the materiality of these links and how they have evolved with the developments in information technology. Finally, it questions the belief in the digital as a facilitator and opens up new perspectives on our relationship with nature and the living world.


Part 1. Extending Links through Digital Devices.
1. Benchmarks: Biodiversity, Participation and Digital Technology, Émilie Kohlmann and Catherine Gauthier.
2. The Documentary Links of Herbarium Collections and Their Communicative Stakes, Lisa Chupin.
3. Investigating the Relationship with Nature in the Animation of Wineries’ Facebook Pages, Marie-Caroline Heïd and Catherine de Lavergne.
4. Forms of Linking with Nature and with Others through a Digital Device: “Let Them Know and Participate”, Émilie Kohlmann.

Part 2. Link Materiality and Structure: Generating Data on Nature.
5. Explainable Artificial Intelligence for a Better Understanding of Naturalist Data, Ikram Chraibi Kaadoud.
6. Pooling Biodiversity Databases: Linking Data, Linking Actors, Camille Bernard.
7. The Challenges and Implementation of the LPO Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Naturalist Information System, Daniel Thonon.

Part 3. Gains and Losses: Questioning the Link to Nature.
8. Complementarity of Big Data and Citizen Participation in Monitoring Plant Biodiversity, Pierre Bonnet, Alexis Joly and François Munoz.
9. New Automatic Identification Tools: An Aid for Botanists and Nature Managers? François Munoz and Pierre Bonnet.
10. The Contribution of New Technologies to Our Experiences of Nature, Minh-Xuan Truong.
11. Belonging to the World to Think of the Link: The Relationship with the Natural Environment as a Crucible of Relatedness, Amélie Coulbaut-Lazzarini.

About the authors/editors

Émilie Kohlmann is a lecturer in information and communication sciences at Université Grenoble Alpes, France. As part of the GRESEC laboratory, she works on nature mediation systems.