Metacognition, Self-Regulation and Writing

Theoretical Perspectives and Leads for Sustaining Students’ Writing

Volume 16 - Education SET by Angela Barthes and Anne-Laure Le Guern

Metacognition, Self-Regulation and Writing

Dyanne Escorcia, Clermont Auvergne University, France.

ISBN : 9781786309389

Publication Date : June 2024

Hardcover 216 pp

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Students’ difficulties in producing texts that meet the requirements of academic writing are a recurring concern for teaching staff and those responsible for university courses. Various initiatives are currently being taken, mainly at undergraduate level, to help students improve the quality of their writing. Research into metacognitive processes and the self-regulation of learning can be used to support the design of these writing support systems, particularly by providing a better understanding of the students’ difficulties.

This book reviews the concepts of metacognition and self-regulation in relation to writing processes. It analyses the metacognitive components involved in text production, their links with successful writing and their individual and contextual determinants. It completes this analysis by drawing on the teaching and assessment of writing in higher education. All of these elements are articulated around a multifactorial modeling of the learning and teaching of academic writing.


Part 1. Metacognition and Writing: Theoretical Insights.
1. Better Understanding of Metacognition and Self-regulation of Learning.
2. Knowledge about Oneself, Knowledge about One’s Strategies of Learning.
3. Self-regulation in Written Production.
4. Measuring the Metacognitive Dimensions of Writing.

Part 2. Metacognitive Dimensions and Writing: From the Study of Links to the Analysis of Effects.
5. Interactions and Determinants.
6. On the Characteristics and Benefits of Teaching Tools Targeting Writing Processes and Metacognition.
7. Study of the Contributions of the SRSD Procedure in Higher Education.

Part 3. Conceptions and Approaches for Teaching and Assessing Academic Writing.
8. Theoretical Insights.
9. Characterizing the Conceptions and Teaching Approaches of Higher Education Teachers.
10. Three Studies to Better Understand the Teaching of Writing.

About the authors/editors

Dyanne Escorcia is University Professor in Education and Training at Clermont Auvergne University, France. Her research focuses on the learning and teaching of writing in the context of higher education.