Current Challenges for the Aquatic Products Processing Industry

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Current Challenges for the Aquatic Products Processing Industry

Edited by

Véronique Verrez-Bagnis, Ifremer, France.

ISBN : 9781789451498

Publication Date : January 2024

Hardcover 346 pp

165.00 USD



This book offers a state-of-the-art analysis on the main challenges facing the aquatic products processing industry. The topics explored are particularly relevant to the issues faced by European consumers and processors, but the information provided within this book can be widely extrapolated.

This book should be helpful for processors, fish traders, consumers, scientists and students. The first chapter is dedicated to the sociological definition of “fish” and consumers’ perceptions. The following chapters deal with the notions of quality sensu lato, biological risks and their control, as well as the risks linked to the pollution of oceans and ecosystems by microplastics. Two types of processes and processed products – smoked fish and surimi products – which are of great economic importance to the European market, are also presented. The process of adding value to co-products, including the “blue biorefinery” and the innovative pH-shift technology are also covered in this book.


1. Consumer Perceptions of “Fish” Food, Gervaise Debucquet.
2. Fish Quality and Freshness, Grethe Hyldig.
3. Nutritional Value of Finfish, Irineu Batista and Carla Pires.
4. Fish Traceability and Authenticity, Carmen González Sotelo, Valur Gunnlaugsson, Ute Schröder, Rogério Mendes, Kristina Kappel, Helena Silva, and Véronique Verrez-Bagnis.
5. Bacterial Risks and Biopreservation of Seafood Products, Sabrina Macé, Delphine Passerini, and Françoise Leroi.
6. Fish Parasites and Associated Risks, Mélanie Gay and Véronique Verrez-Bagnis.
7. Microplastics, Alexandre Dehaut and Guillaume Duflos.
8. Smoking: A Flavoring and Preservation Technique, Régis Baron.
9. Surimi and Derived Products, María Pilar Montero García and Antonio Javier Borderías.
10. Little or Underutilized Marine Resources, Charles Delannoy.
11. Biorefinery of Underutilized Marine Resources Using the pH-Shift Technology, Mehdi Abdollahi.

About the authors/editors

Véronique Verrez-Bagnis is a senior researcher in food science at Ifremer, France. She has worked on functional properties and post-mortem degradation of fish muscle proteins, fish species authentication and fish parasites. Her recent research is more focused on blue biotechnologies.