Heritage Education for Climate Action

Volume 2 - Research in Architectural Education SET by Lazaros E Mavromatidis

Heritage Education for Climate Action

Edited by

Irene G. Curulli, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands.
Deniz Ikiz Kaya, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands.
Arghavan Khaefi, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands.

ISBN : 9781786309037

Publication Date : November 2023

Hardcover 274 pp

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Cultural heritage is increasingly recognized for its contributions to the transition to climate action, and heritage education can play an important role in developing climate adaptation competencies. These can foster positive dialogs surrounding climate change, shift attitudes and inspire actions. However, achieving these goals requires bridging the gap between policy, practice and local capacity building, as well as integrating a multi- and transdisciplinary approach into traditional higher education curricula and models.

Bringing together knowledge, practice and experiences from different disciplinary silos, this book provides a wide set of innovative teaching and learning methods, tools and pedagogical models that can be adapted to heritage education in order to address climate issues. Organized into four parts, Heritage Education for Climate Action covers a wide array of international experiences, real-life cases and practices, focusing on heritage and resilience building, vulnerability and risk assessment, climate change adaptation, mitigation and policymaking.

This book is therefore a source of suggestions and ideas for scholars, educators and professionals who want to develop future climate leadership and contribute to the transition of heritage education toward sustainable development and climate action.


Part 1. Heritage Education Pedagogies and Approaches for Climate Action.
1. Cross-Disciplinary Pedagogies: Education on Heritage and Climate Change in Europe, Pelin Gürol-Öngören, Sibel Acar, Asli Özbek and Burçin Yilmaz.
2. Designing “Climatic Constructal Heterotopias” Using Constructal Thermodynamics: Connecting Theories on Architecture and Thermodynamic, Lazaros Mavromatidis.
3. Training for Cultural Heritage Protection: The STRENCH Summer Schools, Anna Kaiser.
4. Pedagogical Aspects of Conservation-Restoration Practice in the Protection of Architectural Heritage, Yavor Dankov, Yakim Deykov and Andjela Dankova.
5. Educational Video Games on Climate Resilience of Built Cultural Heritage, Boyan Bontchev, Valentina Terzieva, Albena Antonova, Yavor Dankov, and Dessislava Vassileva.
6. Heritage Education for Climate Justice and Adaptation, Susan Ross.
7. Education for Climate Resilient Architectural Heritage (e-CREHA): Multidisciplinary Blended Learning for Climate Resilient Heritage, Irene G. Curulli, Deniz Ikiz Kaya, Rossella Nocera, and Luciano De Bonis.

Part 2. Training on Heritage Vulnerability and Risk Assessment.
8. Re-enabling Co-evolutionary Patterns to Reduce Landscape Vulnerability, Luciano De Bonis, Rossella Nocera, and Giovanni Ottaviano.
9. Lebanon: Landscape at Risk, Maria Gabriella Trovato.
10. Cultural Resilience of the Oploo Watermill, Eva Stark and Lina Bekker.

Part 3. Education on Climate Adaptation of Heritage.
11. Case-Based Teaching for Climate Heritage Education: Climate Adaptation of Historic Watermill Landscapes as a Case Study, Deniz Ikiz Kaya and Irene G. Curulli.
12. Increasing Climate Change Resilience by Adapting 20th Century Built Heritage, Nihan Bulut.
13. A Transformative Approach to Cultural Heritage Education for Climate Action, Paloma Guzman and Jelle Buijs.
14. Recalibrating Seasonal Cultures with Communities, Scott Vremer.
15. Integrating Climate Change Concerns in Capacity Building for World Heritage, Maya Ishizawa Escudero, Eugene Jo, and Rohit Jigyasu.

Appendices. Reflections on the Future of Heritage Education.
1. Heritage as a Discipline in the French Schools of Architecture, Lazaros Mavromatidis.
2. Climate, Heritage, Resilience, Irene G. Curulli and Deniz Ikiz Kaya.
3. Reflection Paper on Degree and Master’s Programs on Heritage and Resilience, Rossella Nocera, Luciano De Bonis, and Giovanni Parisani.
4. Climate Change and Heritage Issues in Architecture Curricula: The Cases of Turkey, Finland, Denmark and MOOCs, Pelin Gürol-Öngören, Sibel Acar, Asl? Özbek, Burçin Y?lmaz, and Irem Küçük.

About the authors/editors

Irene G. Curulli is a practicing architect and landscape architect, with a research and teaching focus on resilient industrial heritage waterscapes. She coordinates the e-CREHA project as well as other multi-disciplinary ERASMUS+ projects and international workshops.

Deniz Ikiz Kaya is Assistant Professor in Heritage and Climate Change at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the nexus of cultural heritage and climate change.

Arghavan Khaefi holds an M.Sc in Architecture and Building Planning from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands. She has been involved in curatorial research and exhibition designs and is interested in contemporary issues reflected in the built environment.