Digital Health Communications

Volume 5 - Technological Prospective and Social Applications SET Coordinated by Bruno Salgues

Digital Health Communications

Edited by

Benoit Cordelier, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada
Olivier Galibert, University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté, France

ISBN : 9781786304681

Publication Date : September 2021

Hardcover 246 pp

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There are many controversies with respect to health crisis management: the search for information on symptoms, misinformation on emerging treatments, massive use of collaborative tools by healthcare professionals, deployment of applications for tracking infected patients. The Covid-19 crisis is a relevant example about the need for research in digital communications in order to understand current health info-communication.

After an overview of the challenges of digital healthcare, this book offers a critical look at the organizational and professional limits of ICT uses for patients, their caregivers and healthcare professionals. It analyzes the links between ICT and ethics of care, where health communication is part of a global, humanistic and emancipating care for patients and caregivers. It presents new digitized means of communicating health knowledge that reveal, thanks to the Internet, a competition between biomedical expert knowledge and experiential secular knowledge.


Part 1. Digital Patient Records: Organizational Adaptations
1. Paradoxical Changes and Injunctions in an Implementation Project of the Digital Patient Record, Benoit Cordelier, Hélène Romeyer, Laurent Morillon and Olivier Galibert.
2. Identifying Caregiver Practices by Analyzing the Use of Electronic Medical Records, Pénélope Codello, David Morquin, Ewan Oiry and Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei.
3. Communication Approach to Patients’ Health Work: Remote Relationship and Intertwined Powers, Anne Mayère.

Part 2. Care and Social Support: From Institutional Responses to Online Support
4. The Place of Care in the E-coordination of Home Care and Assistance, Géraldine Goulinet Fité.
5. Breast Cancer Prevention Online in a Crisis of Confidence Context: From Medical–Technical Discourse to Social Support, Dorsaf Omrane and Pierre Mignot.

Part 3. Rethinking Health Expertise in Light of the Social Web
6. The Expert Patient in the Digital Age: Between Myth and Reality, Hélène Romyer.
7. Towards an Info-communication Categorization of Expertise in Online Health Communities, Stéphane Djahanchahi, Olivier Galibert and Benoit Cordelier.
8. Identification Metrics Regarding Lay Expertise in Online Health Communities, Damien de Meyere.

About the authors/editors

Benoit Cordelier is Full Professor in the Department of Social and Public Communication at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada. His research focuses on organizational change and processes as well as the communicational aspects of online community cultures.

Olivier Galibert is Full Professor in information and communication sciences at the University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté, France. His research focuses on community management issues within, above all, patients’, caregivers’ and healthcare professionals’ online communities.