Modern Trends in Structural and Solid Mechanics 3

Non-deterministic Mechanics

Modern Trends in Structural and Solid Mechanics 3

Edited by

Noël Challamel, University of Southern Brittany, France
Julius Kaplunov, Keele University, UK
Izuru Takewaki, Kyoto University, Japan

ISBN : 9781786307187

Publication Date : July 2021

Hardcover 294 pp

165.00 USD



This book – comprised of three separate volumes – presents the recent developments and research discoveries in structural and solid mechanics; it is dedicated to Professor Isaac Elishakoff. This third volume is devoted to non-deterministic mechanics.

Modern Trends in Structural and Solid Mechanics 3 has broad scope, covering topics such: design optimization under uncertainty, interval field approaches, convex analysis, quantum inspired topology optimization and stochastic dynamics. The book is illustrated by a lot of applications in the field of aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering and automotive engineering.

This book is intended for graduate students and researchers in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics.


1. Optimization in Mitochondrial Energetic Pathways, Haym Benroya.
2. The Concept of Local and Non-Local Randomness for Some Mechanical Problems, Giovanni Falsone and Rossella Laudani.
3. On the Applicability of First-Order Approximations for Design Optimization under Uncertainty, Benedikt Kriegesmann.
4. Understanding Uncertainty, Maurice Lemaire.
5. New Approach to the Reliability Verification of Aerospace Structures, Giora Maymon.
6. A Review of Interval Field Approaches for Uncertainty Quantification in Numerical Models, Matthias Faes, Maurice Imholz, Dirk Vandepitte and David Moens.
7. Convex Polytopic Models for the Static Response of Structures with Uncertain-but-bounded Parameters, Zhiping Qiu and Nan Jiang.
8. On the Interval Frequency Response of Cracked Beams with Uncertain Damage, Roberta Santoro.
9. Quantum-Inspired Topology Optimization, Xiaojun Wang, Bowen Ni and Lei Wang.
10. Time Delay Vibrations and Almost Sure Stability in Vehicle Dynamics, Walter V. Wedig.
11. Order Statistics Approach to Structural Optimization Considering Robustness and Confidence of Responses, Makoto Yamakawa and Makoto Ohsaki.

About the authors/editors

Noël Challamel is Professor at the University of Southern Brittany, France. He is the co-author of several books and over a hundred journal papers in the field of mechanics and civil engineering and is on the editorial board of numerous international journals. He is also Editor and Head of the “Solid Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering” series published by ISTE-Wiley.

Julius Kaplunov is Professor at Keele University, UK. He is the co-author of over a hundred publications in mechanics, including three books. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and sits on the editorial boards of more than ten journals.

Izuru Takewaki is Professor of building structures at Kyoto University, Japan, and is the 56th President of the Architectural Institute of Japan. He is the Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Built Environment and has published over 200 international journal papers.