Enterprise Innovation

From Creativity to Engineering

Enterprise Innovation

Edited by

Michele Missikoff, Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition, Rome, Italy
Massimo Canducci, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SPA, Italy
Neil Maiden, City University, London, UK

ISBN : 9781848218512

Publication Date : August 2015

Hardcover 320 pp

125.00 USD



The world is changing; how enterprises carry out innovation needs to change with it. This book presents new methods and tools (from creativity to engineering), aimed at promoting and sustaining enterprise innovation and production improvement.

The primary (but not exclusive) focus is on the new approaches, methods, frameworks, and tools conceived for enterprise innovation and production improvement, developed during the European BIVEE Project (Business Innovation for Virtual Enterprise Ecosystems). The topics addressed range from open innovation in virtual enterprises to shared virtual spaces for collaborative creativity, and to innovation metrics and monitoring in the context of networked SMEs.

The authors illustrate a new comprehensive proposal for enterprise innovation; the outcome of the BIVEE project which involved 10 partners for 3 years. The content spans from theoretical and methodological aspects, to technological aspects (illustrating the BIVEE software environment), to applied experiences carried out in two different sectors: robotics and control automation, and wood and furniture (i.e. covering a large spectrum from a high-tech to a traditional industry). The book provides the competences, practical guidelines and instructions for launching a pilot experience for interested enterprises to definitively experiment with the proposed approach.


1. Business Innovation in Virtual Enterprise Environments, Massimo Canducci.
2. From Creativity to Innovation: the Importance of Design, Neil Maiden.
3. The BIVEE Project: an Overview of Methodology and Tools, Michele Missikoff and Pierluigi Assogna.
4. A Project of Collaborative Networked Innovation, Cristina Cristalli, Daniela Isidori and Isabella Terzoni.
5. A Day of Networked Production Improvement, Fernando Gigante Valencia, Anil Pacaci and Ali Anil Sinaci.
6. The BIVEE Framework and the Collaborative Innovation Capability Maturitymodel (CICMM), Benjamin Knoke.
7. The BIVEE Environment: Description of the Overall Software Architecture, Mauro Isaja .
8. The Mission Control Room, Nesat Efendioglu, Wilfrid Utz and Robert Woitsch.
9. The Virtual Innovation Factory, Francisco Calle Moreno.
10. The Production and Innovation Knowledge Repository, Francesco Taglino and Fabrizio Smith.
11. Monitoring Innovation and Production Improvement, Claudia Diamantini, Domenico Potena and Emanuele Storti.
12. Raw Data Connection Services and Tools, Mauro Isaja.
13. Innovation and Production Improvement in Virtual Enterprises: the User Perspective, Anil Pacaci, Ali Anil Sinaci and Asuman Dogac.
14. A Methodology for the Setup of a Virtual Innovation Factory Platform, Cristina Cristalli, Daniela Isidori and Isabella Terzoni.
15. The AIDIMA Experience, Fernando Gigante Valencia.

About the authors/editors

Michele Missikoff is Scientific Coordinator to the European BIVEE Project Business Innovation in Virtual Enterprise Environment, Scientific Advisor at the Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition, ISTC-CNR, Rome, and Professor of Enterprise Information Systems at the International University of Rome, Italy.

Massimo Canducci is Project Coordinator of the European Project Business Innovation in Virtual Enterprise Environment, and Innovation Director at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SPA, Italy.

Neil Maiden is Professor of Systems Engineering, Head of the Centre for HCI Design and co-founder of the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at City University London, UK.