Flows and Chemical Reactions in an Electromagnetic Field

Flows and Chemical Reactions in an Electromagnetic Field

Roger Prud’homme, CNRS, France

ISBN : 9781848217867

Publication Date : October 2014

Hardcover 244 pp

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Flows with chemical reactions can occur in various fields such as combustion, process engineering, aeronautics, the atmospheric environment and aquatics.
The examples of application chosen in this book mainly concern flows and chemical reactions in an electromagnetic field, that can occur in propellers, during fires in microgravity or during high-speed atmospheric re-entry:
- homogeneous media in an electromagnetic field, often conductors, presented in the Minkowski timespace;
- heterogeneous media in an electromagnetic field with the establishment of interface equations, applications to the Peltier effect, to the Langmuir probe, and to the modeling of Hall-effect space thrusters.


1. Relativistic Considerations.
2. Balance Laws for Non-Polarized Reactive Mixtures.
3. Balance Laws for Polarized Reactive Mixtures.
4. Interfacial Balances for Conductive Media.
5. Influence of Fields on Flames.
6. Applications to the Peltier Effect.
7. Interaction Between Metal and Plasma with an Electrical Field (Langmuir Probe).
8. Hall-Effect Space Thruster.

About the authors/editors

Roger Prud’homme has been Emeritus Research Director at CNRS, in France, since 2004. His most recent research topics have included flames (premixed flame modeling and their behavior in microgravity), two-phase flows (droplet combustion with condensation of the products, sound propagation in suspensions, vortices, shock wave structure) and the modeling of fluid interfaces. He has published 5 books, 7 contributions to volumes and 50 publications in international journals.

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