New Telecom Networks

Enterprises and Security

New Telecom Networks

Daniel Battu, Consultant

ISBN : 9781848216969

Publication Date : October 2014

Hardcover 398 pp

170.00 USD



Nowadays, the Internet has become an irreplaceable tool, feeding us information about new innovations and the evolution of the markets relating to all human activities. What the Internet lacks, though, is a guiding narrative thread, which is crucial to understand the evolution from old technologies into the technologies available today, and to benefit from the commentary which could elucidate that process of evolution. In spite of its inherent richness, no encyclopedia can constitute the one and only referential information source. The actors involved also have the right to be heard: all those who have devoted their working lives to the collective effort of edifying networks can, of course, present their personal views about the evolution of the world of telecommunications, and thus provide invaluable testimony to companies in this area who can make use of it. It is that approach which is adopted in this book.
Whilst the primary objective of this book is to encourage SMEs to use digital technologies, and help them to organize with that goal in mind, it has proved necessary to describe the transformations currently under way in the field of networks, and to outline the efforts to obtain a competitive edge in terms of clerical applications, compare the various techniques that are available for high data rate communications, and touch upon the advent of the “Internet of Things”, cloud computing and various new multimedia technologies.
All in all, this book should help companies – particularly SMEs – to garner overall information about the current movement in the area of networking, and assist them in putting in place and managing their own communications systems.


1. Fundamentals.
2. Communication Techniques.
3. Transmission Supports.
4. Networking Protocols.
5. Voice Service and Messaging.
6. Data Applications.
7. The Internet and the NGN.
8. Choices for Businesses.

About the authors/editors

Daniel Battu is an Emeritus Chief Engineer of Telecommunications and a consultant in network standardization. He is the author of several technical publications in telecoms and multimedia and a former researcher at CNET and multimedia teacher at the Paris-Dauphine University in France.