Quality of Experience Engineering for Customer Added Value Services

From Evaluation to Monitoring

Quality of Experience Engineering for Customer Added Value Services

Edited by

Abdelhamid Mellouk, University of Paris-Est (UPEC), France
Antonio Cuadra-Sanchez, Indra Sistemas, Spain

ISBN : 9781848216723

Publication Date : June 2014

Hardcover 288 pp



The main objective of the book is to present state-of-the-art research results and experience reports in the area of quality monitoring for customer experience management, addressing topics which are currently important, such as service-aware future Internet architecture for Quality of Experience (QoE) management on multimedia applications.
In recent years, multimedia applications and services have experienced a sudden growth. Today, video display is not limited to the traditional areas of movies and television on TV sets, but these applications are accessed in different environments, with different devices and under different conditions. In addition, the continuous emergence of new services, along with increasing competition, is forcing network operators and service providers to focus all their efforts on customer satisfaction, although determining the QoE is not a trivial task. This book addresses the QoE for improving customer perception when using added value services offered by service providers, from evaluation to monitoring and other management processes.


1. Challenges for Quality of Experience Engineering for Added Value Services, Abdelhamid Mellouk and Antonio Cuadra-Sanchez.
2. An Ecosystem for Customer Experience Management, Antonio Cuadra-Sanchez, Mar Cutanda-Rodriguez, Andreas Aurelius, Kjell Brunnström, Jorge E. López de Vergara, Martin Varela, Jukka-Pekka Laulajainen, Anderson Morais, Ana Cavalli, Abdelhamid Mellouk, Brice Augustin and Ismael Perez-Mateos.
3. Measuring MPEG Frame Loss Rate to Evaluate the Quality of Experience in IPTV Services, Diego Hernando-Loeda, Jorge E. López de Vergara, Javier Aracil, David Madrigal and Felipe Mata.
4. Estimating the Effect of Context on the QoE of Audiovisual Services, Toni Mäki, Martín Varela and Jukka-Pekka Laulajainen.
5. IPTV Multiservice QoE Management System, Antonio Cuadra-Sanchez, Mar Cutanda-Rodriguez, Alfredo Pérez-Montero, Eugenio Rogles, Jesús Gutiérrez and Fernando Jaureguizar.
6. High Speed Multimedia Flow Classification, Rafael Leira Osuna, Pedro Gómez Nieto, Ivan González and Jorge E. López de Vergara.
7. User Driven Server Selection Algorithm for CDN Architecture, Said Hoceini, Hai Anh Tran and Abdelhamid Mellouk.
8. QoE Approaches for Adaptive Transport of Video Streaming Media, M. Sajid Mushtaq, Brice Augustin and Abdelhamid Mellouk.
9. QoS and QoE Effects of Packet Losses in Multimedia Video Streaming, René Serral-Gracià, Eva Marín-Tordera, Xavier Masip-Bruin and
Marcelo Yannuzzi.
10. A Model for Quality of Experience Estimation Based on Quality of Service Parameter Monitoring for Multimedia Convergent Services (3-Play), Pedro de la Cruz Ramos, Raquel Pérez Leal, Francisco González Vidal and Luis Bellido Triana.
11. Quality of Experience Estimators in Networks, Frédéric Guyard, Martin Varela, Lea Skorin-Kapov, Antonio Cuadra-Sanchez and Pedro J. Sevilla-Ramos.
12. QoE-based Network Selection in Heterogeneous Environments, Kandaraj Piamrat, Hyunhee Park, Kamal Deep Singh and César Viho.

About the authors/editors

Abdelhamid Mellouk is Full Professor at the University of Paris-Est
C-VdM (UPEC) in France. Head of several executive national and international positions, he is the founder of the Network Control Research activity at UPEC with extensive international academic and industrial collaborations. His general area of research is in adaptive real-time control for high-speed new generation dynamic wired/wireless networks in order to maintain acceptable Quality of Service/Experience for added-value services.
Antonio Cuadra-Sanchez works as a research project manager and technology advisor for QoS and QoE at Indra Sistemas, S.A. He has taught different courses on signaling protocols and networks (SS7, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IMS and IPTV) in Telefonica R&D, Telefonica Spain and Americas.