Protection of Electrical Networks

Protection of Electrical Networks

Christophe Prévé, AREVA, Mâcon, France

ISBN : 9781905209064

Publication Date : June 2006

Hardcover 512 pp

220.00 USD



This book, written for engineers, technicians, designers and operators working with electrical networks, contains theoretical and practical information on the design and set-up of protection systems. It starts by covering network structures and grounding systems together with problems that can occur in networks, and then goes on to discuss current and voltage transformers, protection functions, circuit breakers and fuses. Practical explanations of how protection systems function are given, and these, together with tables of settings, make this book suitable for any reader, irrespective of their initial level of knowledge.


1. Network Structures.
2. Earthing Systems.
3. Main Faults Occurring in Networks and Machines.
4. Short-Circuits.
5. Consequences of Short-Circuits.
6. Instrument Transformers.
7. Protection Functions and Their Applications.
8. Overcurrent Switching Devices.
9. Different Selectivity Systems.
10. Protection of Network Elements.

About the authors/editors

Christophe Prévé is a research engineer at AREVA, Mâcon, France.

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