Resource Optimization and Security for Cloud Services

Resource Optimization and Security for Cloud Services

Kaiqi Xiong, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

ISBN : 9781848215993

Publication Date : January 2014

Hardcover 208 pp

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Resource Optimization and Security for Cloud Services covers the current state of the art in this field. It includes a study of trustworthiness, percentile response time, service availability, and network authentication for cloud services.

The first part of the book gives an analysis of percentile response time, which is one of the most important service level agreement (SLA) metrics. With the number of e-business applications dramatically increasing, SLA will play an important part in distributed and cloud service computing. An SLA is a combination of several Quality of Service (QoS) metrics, such as security, performance and availability, agreed upon between a customer and a service provider. Effective and accurate numerical solutions for the calculation of the percentile response time in single-class and multi-class queuing networks are presented. Then, the numerical solution is incorporated into a resource allocation problem. In the second part of the book, the author extends the approach to considering trustworthiness, service availability, and the percentile of response time in Web services. Finally, the third part presents a thorough performance evaluation of two notable public cryptography-based authentication techniques.

This is a useful reference book for researchers and engineers working and studying in the fields of distributed computing, cloud computing, service computing, networks and telecommunications, and network security.


1. Introduction.
2. Current Approaches for Resource Optimization and Security.
3. Single Class Customers.
4. Multiple-Class Customers.
5. A Trustworthy Service Model.
6. Performance Analysis of Public-Key Cryptography-Based Group Authentication.
7. Summary and Future Work.

About the authors/editors

Kaiqi Xiong is currently researching and teaching in the Department of Computing Security at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. He has published more than 60 refereed journal and conference papers including over 25 refereed leading journal papers, over 35 refereed leading conference proceedings, and two IBM patents in computer networks.