Modeling of Complex Systems

Application to Aeronautical Dynamics

Modeling of Complex Systems

Emmanuel Grunn and Anh Tuan Pham, ESTACA, Paris, France

ISBN : 9781848214484

Publication Date : October 2013

Hardcover 128 pp

70.00 USD



In the field of aeronautical dynamics, this book offers readers a design tool which enables them to solve the different problems that can occur during the planning stage of a private project. The authors present a system for the modeling, design and calculation of the flying qualities of airplanes and drones, with a complete mathematical model by Matlab/Simulink. As such, this book may be useful for design engineers as well as for keen airplane amateurs.
The authors expound the various phases involved in the design process of an airplane, starting with the formulation of a design tool, under the form of a 0D mathematical model (dimensionless, time dependent), before moving on to explore the behavior of the airplane under certain circumstances and offering insights into the optimization of airplane flying qualities. As validation of this model, they present a numerical result, drawn from data collected on an existing plane – the Concorde.
The dimensional process is then explored and applied to a realistic drone project. Recommendations on the development of the principal characteristics of the plane (i.e. mass distribution, air load, wing span) are given.


1. 0D Analytical Modeling of theAirplane Motions.
2. Design and Optimizationof an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).
3. Organization of the Auto-Pilot.

About the authors/editors

Emmanuel Grunn currently teaches automation, modeling, and automobile and aeronautical dynamics at the ESTACA engineering school in Paris, France after more than 10 years of working in the automobile industry.
Anh Tuan Pham is a retired engineer who has previously worked for ONERA and PEUGEOT-TALBOT. He was also Technical Director for Pirelli and ACE Engineering.