Intelligent Non-hierarchical Manufacturing Networks

Intelligent Non-hierarchical Manufacturing Networks

Edited by

Raúl Poler, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Luis Maia Carneiro, INESC Porto, Portugal
Thomas Jasinski, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Marc Zolghadri, Bordeaux 1 University, France
Paolo Pedrazzoli, University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland

ISBN : 9781848214811

Publication Date : December 2012

Hardcover 448 pp

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This book provides the latest models, methods and guidelines for networked enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and move towards innovative high performance and agile industrial systems.

In the new global market, competitiveness and economic growth rely greatly on the move toward innovative high performance industrial systems and agile networked enterprises through the creation and consolidation of non-hierarchical manufacturing networks of multi-national SMEs as opposed to networks based on powerful large-scale companies. Network performance can be significantly improved through more harmonious and equitable peer-to-peer inter-enterprise relationships, conforming decentralized and collaborative decision-making models. Traditional hierarchical manufacturing networks are based on centralized models, where some of the actors involved must adapt themselves to the constraints defined by those who are most dominant. Real-world experiences of such models have revealed some major problems due to the centralized vision of the supply chain and the sub-optimal performance of centralized decision-making. For the current highly dynamic markets, this generates major inefficiencies in operation throughout the supply chain. This book collects the latest research regarding non-hierarchical manufacturing networks and provides enterprises with valuable models, methods and guidelines to improve their competitiveness.


Part 1. Strategic
1. Mass Customization as an Enabler of Network Resilience, Frank T. Piller and Frank Steiner.
2. The Implications of Product Variety for Supply Network Design, Andrew Lyons, Lucy Everington, Jorge Hernandez and Dong Li.
3. Model for the Integration of Product, Process and Supply Network in Mass Customization Scenarios, Eduardo Saiz, Eduardo Castellano, Raquel Sanchis, Raúl Poler and Rubén De Juan Marín.
4. Supply Network Configuration, Eduardo Castellano, Juan Manuel Besga, Jone Uribetxebarria and Eduardo Saiz.
5. Performance Management, Pedro S. Ferreira, Pedro F. Cunha, Luís Carneiro and André Sá.
6. Sustainable Product-Process-Network, Luca Canetta, Donatella Corti, Claudio Roberto Boër and Marco Taisch.
Part 2. Tactical
7. Business Community Management, Ricardo Almeida, Luis Maia Carneiro, André Sá, Pedro Sena Ferreira and Rosanna Fornasiero.
8. Network Collaboration, Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Christian Meinecke and Daniel Rippel.
9. A Collaborative Planning Approach for Non-hierarchical Production Networks, Ricardo Almeida, César Toscano, Américo Lopes Azevedo and Luis Maia Carneiro.
10. Assessment of the Impact of Missing Delivery Reliability, Günther Schuh, Thomas Jasinski, Itziar Ricondo and Arkaitz Uriarte.
11. Supplier Relationship Management in Machine Tool Industry, Günther Schuh, Thomas Jasinski, Anja Nestler, Roberto Pinto, Marco Taisch and Arkaitz Uriarte.
12. Sustainable Mass Customization Assessment, Andrea Bettoni, Donatella Corti, Alessandro Fontana, Mahnoosh Zebardast and Paolo Pedrazzoli.
Part 3. Operational
13. A Decision Reference Model for Non-hierarchical Networks, Marc Zolghadri, Claudia Eckert, Xin Zhang and Yan Liu.
14. Evaluation of Collaborative Processes, Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Daniel Rippel and Christian Meinecke.
15. Performance Measurement, Pedro S. Ferreira, Pedro F. Cunha, Luís Carneiro and César Toscano.
16. Event Monitoring and Management Process in a Non-hierarchical Business Network, A.H.M. Shamsuzzoha, Sami Rintala, Pedro Cunha, Pedro Sena Ferreira, Timo Kankaanpää, Luis Carneiro.
17. Extended Business Processes Execution, Rubén Dario Franco and Rubén de Juan-Marín.
18. Standardization in IT-Based Procurement in Non-hierarchical Networks, Jürgen Neises, Anja Nestler, Roberto Pinto, Itziar Ricondo, Marco Taisch and Arkaitz Uriarte.

About the authors/editors

Raúl Poler is Professor in Operations Management and Operations Research at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). His key research topics include Enterprise Modelling, Collaborative Networks, Knowledge Management, Production Planning and Control and Supply Chain Management.

Luis Maia Carneiro has been Operational Manager of the Manufacturing Systems Engineering Unit of INESC Porto, Portugal since 1996. His key research interests include Collaborative Networks and Innovation Management.

Thomas Jasinski is a Senior Research Associate at the Laboratory of Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) at RWTH Aachen University, Germany currently working on his PhD in Industrial Engineering/Production Management.

Marc Zolghadri is currently the Head of Design Engineering (ICO) of IMS-Bordeaux Labs (Laboratoire d’Intégration du Materiau au Système) at Bordeaux 1 University, France. His key research topics include Enterprise Modelling, Engineering Design, Extended product design as well as Supply Chain Management.

Paolo Pedrazzoli is Professor in Modeling and Simulation at SUPSI (University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland). He is head of the SPS-Lab (Sustainable Production System Laboratory) and the BSc degree course in Industrial Engineering at SUPSI.