Instrumentation and Metrology in Oceanography

Instrumentation and Metrology in Oceanography

Marc Le Menn, French Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (SHOM), Brest, France

ISBN : 9781848213791

Publication Date : September 2012

Hardcover 416 pp

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After a definition of measured quantities and quantities inferred from calculations, this book details the functioning of sensors and instruments used to assess the useful parameters in oceanography: temperature, conductivity, pressure, sound velocity, current in magnitude and direction, time and position with global positioning systems, height of water and tide, waves, as well as optical and chemical properties like turbidity, dissolved gas (O2, CO2), pH, nutrients and other dissolved elements. It also describes the different means used to produce measurements at sea (boats, drifting floats, moorings, undersea platforms, gliders, etc.) and techniques under development. The theoretical functioning of each sensor or instrument, as well as different practical aspects of its use, are also discussed.


1. What We Measure and What We Process.
2. Measurement Systems in Practice.
3. Measurements at Sea.
4. Evolutions and other Measurement Concepts.

About the authors/editors

Marc Le Menn is currently in charge of the metrology – chemistry laboratory of the French Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (SHOM) in Brest, France. He joined in 1994 after having worked for ten years in the instrumentation laboratory of the Study and Research Aero-space Medical Centre (CERMA, Brétigny/Orge, France).