Proceedings of the International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion


Edited by

Bernard Jacob
Anne-Marie McDonnell
and Franziska Schmidt
Wiley Cunagin

ISBN : 9781848214156

Publication Date : August 2012

Hardcover 560 pp

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After Zurich (1995), Lisbon (1998), Orlando (2002), Taipei (2005) and Paris (2008), the International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion (ICWIM6) returns to North America to join with the North American Travel Monitoring Exhibition and Conference (NATMEC 2012). International WIM conferences are organized by the International Society for Weigh-In-Motion (ISWIM). The conference addresses the broad range of technical issues related to weighing sensors and systems, weight data management and quality assurance, enforcement, road operation and infrastructure related issues. It provides access to current research and best practices, in an international forum for WIM technology, standards, research, policy and applications. Heavy vehicle mass monitoring, assessment and enforcement are key actions to ensure road safety and fair competition in freight transport, facilitating the inter-modality, and to design and maintain reliable and durable road infrastructures, with a better compliance of weights and dimensions. WIM is becoming part of a global ITS for heavy traffic management, contributing to reduce the environmental impact of freight transport and to a better use of the existing road networks.


Session 1: WIM Algorithms, Technology and Testing
An Experimental Wireless Accelerometer-Based Sensor System for Applications to WIM and Vehicle Classification, R. Bajwa, E. Coleri, C. Flores, R. Rajagopal, R. Kavaler, P. Varaiya, B. Wild.
Hidden Markov Modeling for Weigh-In-Motion Estimation, R. Abercrombie, E. Ferragut, S. Boone.
Automatic Vehicle Classification for WIM Systems, P. Burnos.
Experimentation of a Bridge WIM System in France and Applications to Bridge Monitoring and Overload Screening, F. Schmidt, B. Jacob.
Analysis of B-WIM Signals by Statistical Tools, S.-S. Ieng, A. Zermane, F. Schmidt, B. Jacob.
Bridge Weigh-In-Motion by Strain Measurement of Transverse Stiffeners, E. Yamaguchi, Y. Ogami, Y. Matsuki.
Field Verification of a Filtered Measured Moment Strain Approach to the Bridge Weigh-In-Motion Algorithm, Z. Zhao, N. Uddin, E. O’Brien.
Strategies for Axle Detection in Bridge Weigh-In-Motion Systems, E. O’Brien, D. Hajializadeh, N. Uddin, D. Robinson, R. Opitz.
Using strips to Mitigate the Multiple-Presence Problem of BWIM Systems, A. Žnidarič, I. Lavri, J. Kalin, M. Kreslin.
Experimental Testing of a Multiple-Sensor Bridge Weigh-In-Motion Algorithm in an Integral Bridge, J. Dowling, A. González, E. O’Brien, B. Jacob.
Traffic-1: User Tailored Measuring System for Road Traffic Parameters, P. Burnos, J. Gajda, R. Sroka, M. Stencel, T. Zeglen.
Session 2: WIM for Enforcement
WIM Systems in Chile, a Successful Experience, R. Diaz.
ANPR-MMR and WIM for Detection of Overloaded Vehicles, L. Rafalski, M. Karkowski, C. Dolega, J. Wrobel.
One Year “WIM Direct Enforcement” Experiences in Czech Republic, E. Doupal, I. Kriz, R. Stamberg, D. Cornu.
Integration of Weigh-In-Motion Technology into NIST’s Handbook 44, D. Middleton.
Session 3: WIM Standard, Calibration, Data Quality and Management
Standardization of Weigh-In-Motion in Europe, B. Jacob, H. van Loo.
Testing and Certification of WIM Systems, D. Cornu, C. Wuethrich.
Modern Calibration and Verification Techniques of WIM data, C. Schildhauer, R. Sik.
Enhanced Autocalibration of WIM Systems, P. Burnos.
Data-based WIM Calibration and Data Quality Assessment in South Africa, G. De Wet.
Evaluation of Several Piezoelectric WIM Systems, J. Leal.
Improvement of Weigh-In-Motion Accuracy by Taking into Account Vehicle Lateral Position, E. Klein, D. Stanczyk, S.-S. Ieng.
Findings from LTPP SPS WIM Systems Validation Study, D. Walker, O. Selezneva, D. J. Wolf.
Weigh-In-Motion Data: Quality Control, Axle Load Spectra, and Influence on Pavement Design, J. I. Rodriguez-Ruiz, R. A. Tarefder.
Quality Control of Alabama Weigh-In-Motion Data from Data User Perspective And Development of MPEDG Traffic Inputs, D. Mai, R. E. Turochy, D. H. Timm.
The Metamorphosis of LTPP Traffic Data, D. Walker, D. Cebon.
Checking WIM Axle-Spacing Measurements, M. Slavik, G. De Wet.
Designing WIM Data Aggregating Systems, V. Janes, E. Klein,
S. Romon, F. Schmidt, H. Pham Doan.
Assessment of Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Systems: A Nationwide Survey, H. Zelelew, K. Senn, A. Papagiannakis.
Session 4: WIM Implementation, ITS, Traffic Monitoring, Safety and Environment
High Speed Weigh-in-Motion in the UK, A. Lees.
Trends in HGV Performance in the Main Greek Road Network: Lessons to Learn, G. Mintsis, C. Taxiltaris, S. Basbas, M. Karlaftis.
Environmental Impact of Heavy Vehicles Based on Noise, Axle Load and Gaseous Emissions, L. D. Poulikakos, K. Heutschi, P. Soltic.
Bringing Heavy Vehicle On-Board Mass Monitoring to Market, C. Koniditsiotis, S. Coleman, D. Cai.
Application of the Center of Gravity Measurement Based on the Dynamic wheel Loads Measurements of Vehicles, K. Someya, H. Okuda, T. Shindo, Y. Mochizuki, N. Sakai.
Sensors Test at their Possible Failure in the Array and its Reduced Topologies for the Accurate WIM Methods, A. Cerovská, M. Ostrihon, S. Urgela.
Applications from a Centralized System of WIM, A. Jaureguiberry, B. Geroudet.
Session 5: Application of WIM to Bridges
A Dual Purpose Bridge Health Monitoring and Weigh-In-Motion System for a Steel Girder Bridge, R. E. Christenson, S. Motaref, A.-M. H. McDonnell.
WIM-Based Simulation Model of Site Specific Live Load Effect on the Bridges, A. S. Nowak, P. Rakoczy.
Modeling Traffic Loads on Bridges, A Simplified Approach Using Bridge-WIM Measurements, A. Znidaric, M. Kreslin, I. Lavric, J. Kalin.
Use of Weigh-In-Motion Data for Site-Specific LRFR Bridge Rating, Z. Zhao, N. Uddin.
A Combined Weigh-In-Motion and Structural Health Monitoring System on a Wisconsin-Michigan Border Bridge, D. E. Kosnik.
Weigh-In-Motion on the Köhlbrand Bridge in the Port of Hamburg, F. Weiss, T. Spindler.
Assessing Confidence Intervals of Extreme Traffic Loads for Bridges, X. Y. Zhou, F. Schmidt, B. Jacob.
Portable Bridge WIM Data Collection Strategy for Secondary Roads, B. Enright, C. Leahy, E. O’Brien, J. Keenahan.
Session 6: Application of WIM to Pavements
Applications of Weigh-In-Motion in Pavement Engineering, L. D. Poulikakos.
Pavement Damage due to Dynamic Load – Brazilian Road Deterioration Test with MS-WIM, G. G. Otto, L. Momm, A. Mattar Valente.
Evaluating the Role of Weigh-In-Motion in Mechanistic Pavement Analysis, S. Yousif, C. Berthelot, R. Kelln, R. Soares, R. Hanson, T. Bergan.
An Appraisal of Mass Differences Between Individual Tyres, Axles and Axle Groups of a Selection of Heavy Vehicles in South Africa, M. De Beer, I. Sallie.