Integrated Design by Optimization of Electrical Energy Systems

Integrated Design by Optimization of Electrical Energy Systems

Edited by

Xavier Roboam, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

ISBN : 9781848213890

Publication Date : June 2012

Hardcover 320 pp

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This book proposes systemic design methodologies applied to electrical energy systems, in particular integrated optimal design with modeling and optimization methods and tools. It is made up of six chapters dedicated to integrated optimal design. First, the signal processing of mission profiles and system environment variables are discussed. Then, optimization-oriented analytical models, methods and tools (design frameworks) are proposed. A “multi-level optimization” smartly coupling several optimization processes is the subject of one chapter. Finally, a technico-economic optimization especially dedicated to electrical grids completes the book. The aim of this book is to summarize design methodologies based in particular on a systemic viewpoint, by considering the system as a whole. These methods and tools are proposed by the most important French research laboratories, which have many scientific partnerships with other European and international research institutions. Scientists and engineers in the field of electrical engineering, especially teachers/researchers because of the focus on methodological issues, will find this book extremely useful, as will PhD and Masters students in this field.


1. Mission and Environmental Data Processing, Amine Jaafar, Bruno Sareni and Xavier Roboam.
2. Analytical Sizing Models for Electrical Energy Systems Optimization, Christophe Espanet, Daniel Depernet, Anne-Claire Sautter and Zhenwei Wu.
3. Simultaneous Design by Means of Evolutionary Computation, Bruno Sareni and Xavier Roboam.
4. Multi-Level Design Approaches for Electro-Mechanical Systems Optimization, Stéphane Brisset, Frédéric Gillon and Pascal Brochet.
5. Multi-criteria Design and Optimization Tools, Benoit Delinchant, Laurence Estrabaud, Laurent Gerbaud and Frédéric Wurtz.
6. Technico-economic Optimization of Energy Networks, Guillaume Sandou, Philippe Dessante, Marc Petit and Henri Borsenberger.

About the authors/editors

Xavier Roboam is a Senior Scientist at Laboratory on Plasma and Conversion of Energy, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

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