Rockfall Engineering

Rockfall Engineering

Edited by

Stéphane Lambert, CEMAGREF, Grenoble, France
François Nicot, CEMAGREF, Grenoble, France

ISBN : 9781848212565

Publication Date : August 2011

Hardcover 464 pp

195.00 USD



Rockfall Engineering is an up-to-date, international picture of the state of the art in rockfall engineering.

The three basic stages of rockfalls are considered: the triggering stage, the motion stage, and the interaction with a structure stage; along with contributions including structural characterization of cliffs, remote monitoring, stability analysis, boulder propagation, design of protection structures and risk assessment.

Academic contributions are illustrated by practical examples, and completed by engineering contributions where practical purposes are thoroughly considered. This title is intended for engineers, students as well as researchers.


1. Geophysical Detection and Characterization of Discontinuities in Rock Slopes, Jacques Deparis, Denis Jongmans, Stéphane Garambois, Clara Levy, Laurent Baillet and Ombeline Meric.
2. Remote Sensing and Monitoring Techniques for the Characterization of Rock Mass Deformation and Change Detection, Marc-Henri Derron, Michel Jaboyedoff, Andrea Pedrazzini, Clément Michoud and Thierry Villemin.
3. Mechanical Stability Analyses of Fractured Rock Slopes, Véronique Merrien-Soukatchoff, Jerôme Duriez, Muriel Gasc-Barbier, Félix Darve and Frédéric-Victor Donzé.
4. Assessment of Constitutive Behaviors in Jointed Rock Masses from a DEM Perspective, Cédric Lambert and John Read.
5. Methods for Predicting Rockfall Trajectories and Run-out Zones, Luuk Dorren, Ulrik Domaas, Kalle Kronholm and Vincent Labiouse.
6. Rockfall Dynamics: A Critical Review of Collision and Rebound Models, Franck Bourrier and Oldrich Hungr.
7. Rockfall Hazard Zoning for Land Use Planning, Vincent Labiouse and Jacopo Maria Abbruzzese.
8. Rockfall Quantitative Risk Assessment, Jordi Corominas and Olga Mavrouli.
9. Multi-scale Analysis of an Innovative Flexible Rockfall Barrier, Ayman Trad, Ali Limam, David Bertrand and Philippe Robit.
10. A New Design Method for Rockfall Shelters Covered by Granular Layers, Francesco Calvetti and Claudio Di Prisco.
11. Design Procedure for a Three-Layer Absorbing System in Rockfall Protection Galleries, Norimitsu Kishi and Hisashi Kon-No.
12. Ground Reinforced Embankments for Rockfall Protection: From Real Scale Tests to Numerical Modeling, Daniele Peila.

About the authors/editors

Stéphane Lambert is a Research Engineer at CEMAGREF, Grenoble, France. His research are mainly on protection structures, natural hazards and geosynthetics.

François Nicot is a Researcher at CEMAGREF, Grenoble, France, and an Executive Member of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). His contributions mainly concern the mechanical behavior of granular geomaterials. He is also Editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering