Silicon Technologies

Ion Implantation and Thermal Treatment

Silicon Technologies

Edited by

Annie Baudrant, CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France

ISBN : 9781848212312

Publication Date : June 2011

Hardcover 368 pp

147.00 USD



This book has been written to provide newly arrived engineers in a silicon foundry environment with a comprehensive background in the fundamental physical and chemical basis for major front-end silicon treatments, such as oxidation, epitaxy, ion implantation and impurities diffusion, as well as giving a survey of the major types of equipment used in integrated circuit (IC) chip foundries.

Techniques include various forms of chemical vapor deposition (CVD), epitaxy, thin film technologies, lithography, masking, and other nanotechnologies.

As well as the target audience, the book will also be of great interest to engineers and advanced students in all these and related fields of electrical engineering, materials science, and manufacturing.


1. Silicon and Silicon Carbide Oxidation, Jean-Jacques Ganem and Isabelle Trimaille.
2. Ion Implantation, Jean-Jacques Grob.
3. Dopant Diffusion: Modeling and Technological Challenges, Daniel Mathiot.
4. Epitaxy of Strained Si/Si1-x Gex Heterostructures, Jean-Michel Hartmann.

About the authors/editors

Annie Baudrant previously worked for CEA LETI, an applied research center for microelectronics and for information and healthcare technologies based in France.

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