Competitive Intelligence and Decision Problems

Competitive Intelligence and Decision Problems

Edited by

Amos David, LORIA, Nancy, France

ISBN : 9781848212374

Publication Date : June 2011

Hardcover 368 pp

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The development of research, teaching methods, and applications of competitive intelligence (economic intelligence) requires a strategic and transverse vision that accounts for related issues and disciplines. It is essential to integrate the role of culture in order to interpret the results.

Competitive Intelligence and Decision Problems details the various scientific issues related to competitive intelligence. Several models are proposed to represent the objects and the phases in the process of competitive intelligence. Informatics tools are provided to illustrate the applicability of the concepts and models proposed by the researchers. These tools encompass information collection, analysis, and presentation, including cartography. Also various applications are presented covering a large spectrum of subjects and disciplines.


Part 1. Models and Tools
1. Model Use: From a Decision-Making Problem to a Set of Research Problems, Philippe kislin.
2. Analytical Tools for Competitive Intelligence: From Data Collection to Data Processing, Ilhème Ghalamallah, Eloïse Loubier and Bernard Dousset.
3. The Synergy of Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence, Bolanle Oladejo and Adenike O. Osofisan.
4. Collaborative Information Seeking in the Competitive Intelligence Process, Victor Odumuyiwa.
5. Study of Risk Factors in Competitive Intelligence Decision Making: A Cognitive Approach, Olufade F.W. Onifade, Odile Thiery, Adenike O. Osofisan and Gerald Duffing.
6. Multimedia Information Seeking Through Competitive Intelligence Process, Hanène Maghrebi.
7. Strategies for Analyzing Chinese Information Sources from a Competitive Intelligence Perspective, Nadege Guenec.
8. Generic Tagging Strategy Using a Semio-Contextual Approach to the Corpus for the Creation of Controlled Databases, Lise Verlaet.
9. Design and Development of a Model for Generating and Exploiting Annotation in the Context of Economic Intelligence, Olusoji B. Okunoye and Charles O. Uwadia.
10. Contribution of Cognitive Sciences to Document Indexing in Scientific, Technical, and Economic Watch for Competitive Intelligence, Elisabeth Paoli-Scarbonchi and Nadège Guenec.
Part 2. CI and Governance
11. Integration of Competitive Intelligence and Watch in an Academic Scientific Research Laboratory, Jacky Kister and Henri Dou.
12. E-Health and Societal and Territorial Intelligence in France: Collective Knowledge Production Issues and New Network Interface Organizations, Christian Bourret.
13. Governance and Short-Term Product Development in Clusters – An Example: The FIRE Application, Henri Dou.
14. Competitive Intelligence and the Development of Corporate Universities, Cláudia Camelo, Miguel Rombert Trigo, Luc Quoniam and João Casqueira Cardoso.
15. Emerging Functions for Driving Competitive Intelligence at Regional Level, Audrey Knauf.
16. Attractiveness of Territories and Territorial Intelligence: Indicators, Nathalie Fabry and Sylvain Zeghni.

About the authors/editors

Amos David is Professor in Information and Communication Sciences with a specialty in Economic Intelligence, and is the team leader at the Lorraine Laboratory of IT Research and its Applications, Nancy 2 University, France.

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