Electrical Distribution Networks

Electrical Distribution Networks

Edited by

Nouredine Hadjsaïd and Jean-Claude Sabonnadière, INP Grenoble, France

ISBN : 9781848212459

Publication Date : May 2011

Hardcover 512 pp

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This book describes the fundamental aspects of the new generation of electrical distribution grids, taking as its starting point the opportunities that exist for restructuring existing infrastructure. It emphasizes the incorporation of renewable energy sources into the distribution grid and the need for a technological evolution towards the implementation of smartgrids.

The book is organized into two parts: the first part analyzes the integration of distributed energy sources into the distribution grid and the impact of these sources on grid operation. After a general description of the general characteristics of distribution grids and renewable energy sources, it then analyzes the economics of electrical energy distribution networks and presents the impact of these sources on grid operation. The second part of the book then analyzes the various functions which allow for safe operation of the grid and realization of the path towards real world application of smartgrids.


1. The Electrical Distribution Network: From Heritage to Innovation, Nouredine Hadjsaïd, Jean-Claude Sabonnadière and Jean-Pierre Angelier.
2. Characteristics of Distribution Networks, Marie-Cécile Alvarez-Hérault, Raphaël Caire, Sylvain Martino, Christophe Andrieu and Bertrand Raison.
3. Overview of Decentralized Means of Production, Haizea Gaztañaga, Raphaël Caire, Seddik Bacha and Daniel Roye.
4. Connection to the Decentralized Production Network: Regulatory and Economic Aspects, Cédric Clastres, Philippe Menanteau and Lina-Maria Ruiz.
5. Impacts of Distributed Generation on the Electrical Network, Raphaël Caire and Tuan Tran-Quoc.
6. Photovoltaic Systems Connected to the Network, Tuan Tran-Quoc and Seddik Bacha.
7. Voltage Control in Distribution Systems with Dispersed Generation, Yvon Bésanger and Tuan Tran-Quoc.
8. Grid Integration of Wind Turbine Systems and their Ancillary Services Participation, Alexandre Teninge, Daniel Roye and Seddik Bacha.
9. Reliability of Distribution Systems with Dispersed Generation, Yvon Bésanger.
10. Protection, Detection and Isolation of Faults in MV Networks in the Presence of Decentralized Production, Bertrand Raison, Olivier Chilard, Delcho Penkov and Duc Cong Pham.
11. Load Control in the Management of Distribution Systems, Didier Boeda, Christophe Kieny and Daniel Roye.
12. Power Electronics in the Future Distribution Grid, Seddik Bacha, David Frey, Erwan Lepelleter and Raphaël Caire.
13. Virtual Power Systems for Active Networks, Guillaume Foggia, Christophe Kieny and Joseph Maire.
14. Towards Smart Grids, Nouredine Hadjsaïd and Jean-Claude Sabonnadière.

About the authors/editors

Nouredine Hadjsaïd is Professor at Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble (France) and Virginia Polytechnic Institute (USA) as well as being Director of the IDEA Consortium.

Jean-Claude Sabonnadière is Emeritus Professor at Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble (France), Advisor to the President of the Industrial Cluster TENERRDIS (Alternative Energies) and a Consultant on energy systems and innovation.

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